How To (Not Be) Patient

After the Final Interview, I flew home and tried to resume a normal a life as humanely possible. After about a week, the realisation kicked in that normal life for me would not be an option. I was far too excited at the prospect of a new job, and, possibly, more nervous about being selected than not. Either way, I was (and probably still am being) very restless and impatient. I really should say thank you to everyone who put up with me during that very stressful time, but I am far too stubborn to actually admit that I was difficult…this is about as much recognition as you’ll get 😉

The main gist of this post is that no matter how much research, planning and daydreaming you do, 4-6 weeks will feel like 4-6 million years. Also, everyone has a different experience interview/wait time/response wise.

So after I returned from doing my thing interstate, my progress status on the Candidate Portal changed from “Under Review” to “Approval In Progress”. I’m not sure if everyone who receives that status change gets the job, it could just be a formality. I’m not entirely sure because those whom I knew of having that status change got it!

After that, I waited…and checked the candidate portal daily to see if there were any improvements. Nothing! After 2 weeks though, I got a call from them saying that I had to submit another “formal photo”. My heart was pounding; I thought it was THE CALL. No such luck. 4 weeks passed, and still nothing. 4 weeks and 6 days later, I received an email. At this stage I was panicking because I had read online that a phone call means you have the job and an email means that you’re unsuccessful.


I had an email saying something along the lines of “Congratulations, we are please to advise you that you’ve been successful, but due to Training Course dates, we will put you application on hold” FOR ANOTHER 4-6 WEEKS!

I was ecstatic and relieved, and also nervous too. My life could potentially change! I was careful not to get too excited because I was yet to have a phone call, and knew that there were still lots of hurdles to clear. I began telling family and friends that I had the job, but I was still cautious. After 6 weeks exactly of waiting, I tried to log into the portal but had an error message “You will be contacted by your recruitment coordinator at the earliest”. Amazing!

For the next week I had my phone glued to me. On loud. Always. I felt like Ginnifer Goodwin in ‘He’s Just Not That Into You” when she’s in the shower, phone in hand, waiting for a guy to call. Very impatient!

Then, on Tuesday the 8th of October at about 4:30pm, by phone rung, and sure enough it was that lovely foreign number on the screen! The recruitment officer said many things, but “congratulations” was all that I heard. I was in! After confirming details, it was all about accepting my contract and organising appointments for the dreaded medicals. Easier said that done!

More about the medicals coming soon! Just a pretty detailed insight into what I have experienced up until now, and I promise that once I finish work and do all the fun things like going to the beach, packing and saying goodbyes…the posts will be less average more awesome!


Also thank you to anyone that is now following me, it’s such a nice feeling 😀


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