Medical Misadventures

Part of the joining process is to complete and pass an extensive medical. It was very VERY detailed. Step 1 was to fill in and sign a Health Declaration. This part was easy. The Dentist/ Doctors/ Pathology/ Radiology appointments were the problem! Being the organised control freak that I am, I had scheduled appointments with all of these people as soon as I received the “You Will Be Contacted” message. In my mind, everything was going according to plan. Doctor’s Appointment one: check. I had my blood tests the same day, and called a Perth Travel Clinic to schedule some bizarre vaccinations that my physician didn’t have and I was happy. The Dentist appointment was the next day. Unfortunately, my Dentist became unavoidably ill ON THE DAY THAT THE FORMS WERE DUE. Major panic mode! In the end, I went to an Emergency Dentist in the city, at the train station. There are so many things wrong with that sentence. The Dentist, whilst lovely, looked to be about my age (21) and cleaned my teeth so thoroughly I thought they were going to fall out of my head and walk out of there with me. Not enjoyable! My forms were filled out, x-rays done and dental forms uploaded into the portal. FINALLY!

Next up were my vaccinations. I am not squeamish, or afraid of needles whatsoever. As a blood donor, you become accustomed to a needle the size of a chopstick. Unfortunately, lots of small needles for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chickenpox, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus accumulate to one very dead arm, and feeling like I had been walloped with a cricket bat. The great news is I am now immune to most of these things for life! It’s so exciting to think that I have to be immunised against all these tropical diseases because I don’t know where I’ll be flying to when I eventually start. How exotic 😉


The next step was to go back to the Doctor to discuss my blood test results and make sure everything was normal.  Apart from low Iron levels (even though I am a massive carnivore) everything was clear! Then it was a QFG test and a Chest X-ray to show that don’t have tuberculosis. All the results came back and everything was fine. After a few emails back and forth from the CC Joining Team about my allergies and vitamins, I received my final approval and “Resignation” email. Talk about exciting!

Now I can focus on completing my pre-joining homework, packing and studying for the last 3 exams in my Undergraduate degree. Woo Hoo!There will be fun posts coming up soon, and there are lots of going away parties coming up, including My Big Fat Greek Going Away Lunch (complete with lamb on the spit), Danish “Christmas Eve” and also a girly High Tea!Just in case you hadn’t noticed, my blog (and life) are centred around food. Hopefully I’ll be sampling some authentic global cuisine soon!

Here is my latest obsession!  Artisan du Chocolat Liquid Sea Salted Caramel Sauce. YUM! X


8 thoughts on “Medical Misadventures

  1. Hey Taylor
    So lovely to read about your experiences. (sounds like mine 12 years ago, minus all the needles!) Hope everything is coming together. Really missing you, looking forward to a good chat. We should be home just before you leave
    love ya
    Jo xx

    • Hey Jo!
      Thank you, i’m enjoying writing about them so hopefully they’re beneficial!
      Same here…that would be great! When do you guys get back?
      Tell Jason I said Happy Birthday, and love to Evelyn!
      see you soon 🙂 xx

  2. Hey Taylor, my name is Shiva and I’m from Brisbane. I just came past your blog and it is so good to read someones story who was in the same boat as I am at the moment!. I found out 9 week after my final interview via email and it too saying that they have to put me on hold due to training dates. As soon i found out, I went to the doctors got my immunisation record and got prescriptions and x-ray forms so I would be prepared for the day i finally get that call. The wait is literally driving me mental! I checked my portal all the time and nothing. I know its only be two weeks but wow it feels like a life time i swear!
    I just have a question, wit the heart and lung x-ray they didn’t want like ultrasound test did they? When i asked my GP he said ” if they want both, they would probably do mean a full ultrasound and everything”

    And if you don’t mind me asking how do you think you will go with your packing? 50kg doesn’t seem like enough to move overseas with 😦

    Keep the post coming 🙂

    • Hey Shiva! Thanks so much for reading 🙂 First of all…congratulations!! I know exactly how you feel…you just want to find out so you can prepare, then once you do it is literally the biggest weight lifted off your shoulders…then it’s one waiting game after another! I am sure your call will come soon, good on you for being organised!I didn’t have an ultra sound, just a Chest Xray for TB and a QFG blood test (non mandatory) to back those results up (which my Travel doctor thought would be useful!). I don’t think all pathologists do them but if you ask around I am sure you will track one down.

      I actually started packing today, and I was almost in tears! my toiletries weigh almost 20 kg..I’m trying to pack lightly and I have some vacuum seal bags that you can suck all of the air out so that your suitcase weighs less overall! Also I read on another blog that up to 60kg may be allowed, depending on who checks you in!

      Best of luck, please let me know how you go! And feel free to follow me as well 😉

      • OH awesome i will defiantly keep that in mind. I do like my GP but sometime he can be a little difficult get things out of so I think ill make an appointment with my other GP who’s Australian ( as mean as that sounds, my GP can be a stubborn little Asian man lol).

        20kg oh my word! thats crazy! I decided to take travel size things for now and then as soon i can get to a chemist or supermarket ( I totally forget the name of this awesome grocer that sells EVERYTHING you could imagine) and just get it then, so more rooms for shoes and fun stuff 🙂 I have a friend who works at the check-ins for Emirates so fingers crossed she will be working when i eventually leave.

        Will do, i don’t have a word press account but i might as well make one 🙂

      • Fair enough, it’s probably best to seek out someone you trust! Plus every health care professional is different 🙂 Perhaps not quite 20 but it is definitely up there, as my hair products take up the most room 😉 That is a really good idea, but. Thinking ahead! I’m the type of person that packs everything but the kitchen sink to have a sleepover for one night, so I like to have everything before I go! Oh that is cool, fingers crossed! So how long ago was your Final Interview?

  3. Haha me too@!! I am really going to struggle packing lightly for layovers, but hopefully the big sutcase we get from the have a bit of room. My Final Interview was on the 25th of August which happened to be my 21st birthday. Because we all didn’t know we would get selected no one had all the paper work and photos ready for the day because everything obviously closes at 5 here so i did all my final photos the next day and tuesday night emailed it all over. 9 week to the day i got the email saying i was successful! Funnily enough the whole interview process from open day to assessment day to final interview was the exact same as your even the little group exercises. It was only all the girls that got called back for final interviews.

    • You have a very good point! For the moment I am just trying to focus on what’s in front of me (like packing these bags and exams) and then worry about the rest 🙂 Happy Birthday! What a great gift! At least you got everything in on time, I had all of my photos ready just in case because I came from Perth so wanted to be prepared! Really? That is so funny they must just jumble it all up because some experiences I have read are totally different! We had 2 guys and about 8 girls that made it to the FI, and luckily one of the guys got through, now I will have a friend from home! I’m not too sure about everyone else I was too busy worrying about my prospective phone call/email contact…anyway best of luck and please keep me updated 🙂

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