Noting November

Friday just gone was my final day at work. Last week was a bit of a spin out because most of my colleagues had no idea that I was leaving, due to the fact that I received my final approval not too long ago! Needless to say I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone at work, and my amazing family that night. We had some yummy sweets, and I got a card and lots of (varied) advice and well wishes. It really was a perfect day!The evening was spent at Lost Society (a lovely bar in the city) and then we graduated on to Capitol where I felt supremely “old” (it must have been the Pimms talking, it did a lot of that!) but nonetheless had a great time with my nearest and dearest!

Saturday was time to say goodbye to the lovely Greek Goddess Efie. We celebrated with a huge meal of roasted lamb, pork, every kind of salad imaginable and some skordalia (a supremely garlicky dip that everyone mistakenly heaped on their plates thinking it was mashed potatoes! Seriously guys? Mashed potatoes on a 33-degree day? at a barbeque?). All in all it was a nice day even if a few of us were feeling under the weather. It was emotional saying our good byes, but my newfound job opportunity means I will be able to catch up with people from all different parts of my life sooner than expected. I’m really looking forward to making this big world an even “smaller” place.

The rest of my weekend was spent digesting ridiculously cheap muesli, tanning inside as well as on the beach, watching The Walking Dead, pretending to be a horse/ puppy/ dragon, cleaning out my clothes and visiting the dog beach with my gorgeous mum and her puppy, Ralf. I spent lots of time simply thinking (I do this a LOT!).  I also studied for most of today…feel free to ask me anything related to Crew Resource Management! Situational Awareness, anyone? 😉





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