Dubai Calling!

So I thought that I would save posting until after my exams, but also thought that you all might like to know that “the promised land”, aka Dubai, called me! (Well, not so much Dubai, more like a HR representative). You can imagine my excitement, though! At about 9:30 pm Perth time  (and 5:30 pm in the UAE) my phone went off and I was excited/ nervous to see the old “0001197…” pop up! First I thought it might be more information about my accommodation/ travel details but it was due to my visa. I wasn’t specific enough on the phone about my previous travels through Dubai, but the problem has been rectified and I have been assured that I will find out about my accommodation from the 29th of November onwards. Practically years away!!That is my update for today, not much happening in The World of Taylor other than the Bachelor starts soon and I am having IKEA food for dinner…yum 😉

Inspiration for Today:


P.S also my follower base has expanded beyond my immediate family and friends… THANK YOU! 🙂

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