Dates and Doggies

Yesterday I logged into the candidate portal and noticed that my Date of Joining (DOJ) had changed to the 5th of December, instead of the 6th! I was immensely freaked out, due to the fact that even though it’s only a minor change, all of my appointments had been made for the 5th of Dec (in preparation for the 6th), and James has taken that day of work. So after a few emails on the candidate portal, the Cabin Crew Joining Team have advised me that my DOJ is actually the 8th of December, with a potential departure from Perth on the 5th or 6th of December…very confusing! When I signed in today, it had reverted back to the 6th of December. I am totally lost now and would just like to know when I am leaving and where I will be living! This will take a while, but luckily I have lots to occupy me, such as my last exam, packing and party prep! My Crew Resource Management exam was really great, I felt as though I had studied wisely and that my answers were heading in the right direction. This unit has made me want to become a pilot! Although for those of you that know me, I only just got the hang of driving a car “acceptably “ (after almost 4 years) so I think I just leave the flying planes bit for the time being ;)I had a great and productive weekend! So to sum up, I spent it drilling holes into drinking coconuts for my dad’s stall (Fresh Provisions at the Beaufort Street Festival), eating WAY too many Portuguese tarts, baguettes and cheese slices, going for walks with my mum, working out with James and then having a picnic, going to Scitech (such big kids we are) and finishing off at the drive ins!Such a fun weekend, and I made some great memories to take away with me 😉 I’ll just add them to my expanding collection (suppose they can replace my mini library that I am not allowed to take with me, a 50kg luggage allowance is not a bookworm’s friend) 😦

In other news, today it’s been 3 months since my furry friend Baxter made his way up into the clouds (before I even found out that I would be taking up a job in the sky). He really was one of my best friends (I have being an only child for the first 13 years of my life to thank for that) and I miss him dearly. I just thought I would share some joy and cute pictures of him…this is how I want to remember Baxter! Love to everyone and their furry friends! xx








IMG_1219 IMG_2163

4 thoughts on “Dates and Doggies

  1. The picture where he’s got a feather on top of his head made laugh so much! So cute! 🙂 He’s always watching over you xx

  2. I really like your blog!!
    and I am so excited for you going to emirates! please don’t stop writing once youre there:)

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