Desert Delays

It’s been quite some time

since my last post,

I thought I would write a poem

Somewhat clear the air

and say thank you to every one of my followers out there,

training was insane

ridiculously challenging,

yet I made the best friends,

we all helped each other out

and got through in the end

safety, medical, security, grooming, service too,

now I am fully trained in offering the world’s best in-flight experience to you,

Dubai dazzles me daily,

A city of lights, an excess of everything, and parties through the night,

The desert winter is strange

Some days it rains,

Others are sweltering, but the fact remains

I’ve changed cities,

And jobs

And time zones

The lot

And now I’ll be moving around

Never in just one spot

But I feel happy,

Like I’m doing what I’m meant to do,

So please be patient as I try to fit my blog

Into this crazy life too!

For anyone interested, my first flight was to Delhi!


Speak soon! xx

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