Paris Perfection

In an attempt to have my blog actually reflect what is going on in my life at the moment, I’m drafting blog posts by the pool! Apologies if they are somewhat incoherent, but the sun and Reef’s Tanning Oil is slowing getting to my head 😉 Paris. My first “supy” (supervised) flight on which I didn’t actually have  a position, rather I was a “helper” crew member…was AWESOME!! Aside from getting to ride up the front in the cockpit for takeoff and landing, the crew were terrific, the passengers were friendly (maybe even too friendly!) and the flight passed quickly. Time actually DID fly while I was having fun!! 😉

Once we reached the hotel, we changed into our winter woolies and had a scrumptious buffet dinner with REAL PORK and a nice bottle of white wine to share 🙂 After saying goodnight to the great crew, I flopped down on my king size bed to watch French TV and swiftly fell asleep. Bliss! The next day after my speedy skype sessions, I met the rest of the crew to catch the hotel shuttle to the nearby train station that would deliver us into the heart of Paris. The ride went quickly, and I kept having to pinch myself..I WAS IN PARIS!! Literally as soon as we climbed the stairs and braved the frost outside the Notre Dame/San Michele station…the Notre Dame was right there! Breathtaking. We spent the day roaming the city on foot and taking photos (all crew), squealing with delight (me) and ingesting French treats (also me!)


The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre! We didn't go in this time..the last time when I went with James it was insanely time consuming but a must see!

The Louvre! We didn’t go in this time..the last time when I went with James it was insanely time consuming but a must see!




L'Arc de Triomphe!

L’Arc de Triomphe!


P1000789 IMG_5582 IMG_5581



After our touristy day, we trekked to the “nearby” (that fact is debatable) Aeroville supermarket to stock up on my favourite French delicacies. These included wine, cheese, tea, magazines, more wine, vodka (ok not so French) and carbs in a variety of shapes and forms. All totally worth lugging my almost 25 kg bag to the airport a few hours later! The flight back was equally as delightful, the only difference was that I was marginally more tired due to all the French excitement! I love Paris, I always have and always will and despite all the cliches attached I still think it is one of my favourite destinations in this world! A bien tot! xxx

2 thoughts on “Paris Perfection

  1. Hi:) I’m so glad your writing posts again!! How do you mean the passengers were to friendly? And could maybe wright a post about life in Duabi? Do you feel safe there and are there a lot of things to do in your freetime? Have you found friends yet or is it hard to meet people? Thank you sooooo much. Xoxo Franzi

    • Hi Franzi,
      I am in the middle of drafting a post about Dubai, it has just been a little busy these past few weeks!
      Dubai is a very safe city for women especially. There are female cabins on the trains and even female taxi drivers that my friends and I use when going out at night. There are many, many things to do in your free time, it is just a matter of finding the time and money to do so! I have made lots of lovely friends and if you have a positive attitude then I am sure you can too! You’re welcome, thanks for reading!

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