Perth, my paradise


I never thought those words would escape my lips! But recents events have seen miracles happen! Against all odds, worked into my February roster was a flight to Perth, aka HOME! Again, stoked! Out of the 144 destinations that we fly to, I was given the chance to go home. All I can say is someone up there is looking out for me! I would also like to mention that I kept it very quiet from all my family and friends due to the fact that I was petrified that my roster would change or that I would jinx myself! In saying that, my layover was a very short 26 hours and that didn’t leave much time for seeing anyone but my parents, grandparents and James! The flight was long. Almost 11 hours long, but I was so happy at the prospect of going home that I had a smile plastered to my red lips and fidgeted around the galley whenever I was told to “rest”! I don’t even think I ate (which is a huge deal for me, I love food. ALOT) I was so rapt! During the flight, I was full of tips and useful information for my colleagues and passengers, helping out with customs declarations and the like that once we touched down I practically leapt of the plane! When I passed through immigration, the officer gave me a cheesy grin and said “Welcome Home, Taylor” and I thought I might die of happiness! After I collected my bag, a customs officer approached me, took one look at my passport, another at my form and said “you know the drill love” and I breezed through that line too! I was all ready to let the rest of the crew pass, being the most junior member, but after the Purser caught wind of the fact that I was going home, he made me go first in order to watch me being reunited with James! It was equal parts hilarious and kind of him 🙂 After eyeing each other up and down (no physical contact in uniform, even hugging!) James grabbed my bags and we went to the hotel where I was given a hefty allowance in my very own city. Lovely! We spent the evening doing sweet nothing, eating room service before we both passed out after 36 hours of combined flying time. Phew! The next day was spent hurriedly seeing James, my parents and my grandparents. Yaiyai and Papou were stoked when I strolled in the front door and helped myself to a (full size- cans are so small in Dubai!) Coke and sat down! It was a lovely reunion (although my grandmother briefly thought that I had quit) and it was over all too soon, to see my gorgeous mum and her puppy and then hurry back to the hotel for a nap and some more hideously expensive but ridiculously good room service. I then said goodbye to James and hopped on the bus back to the Airport. It felt so funny knowing I had a car and about 100 people to drive me around yet I was on a crew bus in my own city! All too soon I had bought my Tim Tams was welcoming fellow Perthlings back onto the plane to fly to Dubai. It was an emotional and amazing 26 hours, and I was lucky to have them! I’m sorry if I didn’t get to see you back home, but it was a quick work trip and I hope to be back soon before my leave in May!





IMG_5927Next stop in the world: I’m not entirely sure. I am meant to be going to Johannesburg at the end of the month, and have a copious amount of days off. This mixed with my bout of food poisoning the other day has made me dying to fly! I have asked for more flights so fingers crossed, somewhere sunny or somewhere in Europe!!!

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