Amsterdam, Round 2!


I was lucky enough to visit the Netherlands TWICE in one week! All I can really say is, WOW! Amsterdam did not disappoint this time, either. After another over booked flight, and a HUGE delay on the ground due to fog the familiar site of the luxurious crew hotel was much appreciated. After a quick shower, change and skype catch up, it was off to Schipol Platform 3 to catch the Inter-City train to Amsterdam Centraal. It was the flight crew and 3 other GR2’s and I. We set off in the opposite direction to where we went last time, and headed towards the less touristy area of the town and away from Dam Square. The Captain knew of a micro brewery nearby and so we meandered down the canals and found the lovely, hole-in-the-wall bar that served nothing but beer and Dutch whiskey! I had a Kersepit, a cherry beer. I am not a massive beer drinker, as mentioned in my previous post, but after my trip to Berlin a few years ago I know I can handle the sweet stuff! Except it wasn’t actually sweet. It was bitter but I still liked it 😉 I also made the executive decision for the rest of the crew that we needed to order some Dutch “snack” food. I ordered myself some boiled Dutch sausage (that is usually served with breakfast, and I love it) and some 2 year old cheese. The rest of the crew were Irish and wouldnt eat the cured garlic sausage they had ordered because to them it looked raw. Being a green grocer’s daughter/ European I knew better! So I ate that too! My cheese also came out on a cutting board with its own guillotine, it was AMAZING! I almost decapitated my fingers as we got stuck into the drinks but luckily the first officer took over cheese cutting duties so it was all good!










I was kind of running the show. Next we went to Tomaz, a great authentic Dutch restaurant that is a great mix of the old & the new. The decor is very vintage with a bit of a hipster feel (lots of books, board games, flowers and fairy lights) and the food is a great mix of Authentic Dutch snacks such as bitterballen and croquettes served in a Tapas kind of way. YUM! I had the Pea and Ham soup (not as good as Yvonne’s!) with some croquettes and…WATER! I am like a camel I must drink at least 2L per day and I was dying of thirst. Plus Dutch food is SO salty. But that is why I love it! II felt very nostalgic as James and I had dined at this restaurant almost 2 years go. It kind of felt like home 🙂 After that I bid goodbye to the crew (who were going to see the red light district) and wandered off by myself towards the shops and down the pretty canals. I honestly spent about 2 hours simply walking around by myself at night admiring the sights. I bought some stroopwaffel (Dutch Syrup waffel biscuit things) and navigated the train system alone. I think the crew thought I was weird for disappearing off by myself but I think it is important to do what you feel is right. I felt safe, comfortable and happy to go off and it was my favourite part of the layover. I slept like a log that night in my big bed, had a bath and enjoyed an 8 euro buffet breakfast for sure!


The flight back was busy, challenging but overall my best flight yet. The purser even came to shake my hand and thank me personally for a job well done. I was more than happy with that!Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and cook my Aussie lamb cutlets from Carrefour and finish watching Woody Allen movies before my flight to Barcelona tomorrow! Da! (bye in Dutch) xxx

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam, Round 2!

  1. Girl your blog is both killing and inspiring me! I love to see your updates, it’s very exciting and refreshing to read the honest opinions of flights and layovers. I don’t know if you can say – I don’t think it compromises any privacy issues, but when did you go to your OD? And when did you get your GC? So exciting!

    • Thank you!! I love to write them so it is nice to see that someone other than my grandparents follows! That should be ok 😉 I had an open day on the 18th of July 2013 and the call came on the 10th of October 🙂 Hope this helps?

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