Bangkok has me now!

IMG_6839 This month’s roster has been a month of double-ups! Everything on my roster has appeared there twice, and I love that I have the chance to explore and familiarize myself with a city in short, frequent visits!I have been to Bangkok aka “The Promised Land” 😉 once before, but this previous visit didn’t count as we simply did not divert from the route between the shops/massages/poolside. Now that I come to think of it, my layovers weren’t really all that different….but after a very stressful turnaround flight I felt as though I needed the rest! One visit I was lucky enough to share with my friends Cella and Petra (from my batch and previous flights) and we had a great lunch, went shopping and swam in the pool before some room service and in my case Leo DiCaprio movies. HEAVEN!

The second visit was an A380 flight and so the crew was huge, and almost half of us went out for a traditional Thai dinner, drank vodka infused coconuts and rolled all the way back to the hotel, we ate so much! The next day we had massages, more Thai, more coconuts and more rest! It sounds like we are exceptionally lazy, but this job is surprisingly physical and demands an alert mind as well as a cheerful personality. That is how we stay chirpy at 3am! If we are tired and/or hungry then the crew’s smile tends to fade, and we can’t have that! My next flight is Beijing (again), so we will see what happens there…I haven’t decided if I will hibernate or explore…but I will say one thing! SLEEP=GOOD! x

p.s word press seems to be having a meltdown and isn’t letting me post my pictures where I want them to go! I will post pictures of Bangkok separately 🙂

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