I’m a Barcelover!



These past few days have been a blur of sightseeing, sangria and lots and lots of jamon y queso! I flew to Barcelona on Tuesday and had a blast! After a slow start the flight went so quickly and I even found a few Aussies to keep me occupied! The great thing about my job is that part of it is to socialise and talk to people whilst in flight, I love it and all the interesting people I have met so far! Once we got to Barcelona, my friend Zoe and I got the tunes pumping to get us in the mood for sightseeing after our 3am start 😐 We needn’t have bothered, as the amazing crew hotel had a complimentary mini bar so we took our cerveza and met up to gossip and relax, as crew must do 😉 After that it was onto the metro so we could catch the train to La Segrada Familia, the famous cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudi. The metro was a hilarious experience and since we bough a “family” pass we all had to juggle the ticket over the gate 😉 the cathedral was literally across the road from the metro station which was a nice surprise. It was too late to enter, so we took some photos, bought some postcards and hopped back on the train to the Place de Rambla, the main street in Barcelona where all the action is.


The city actually reminded me a lot of Paris, very Art Deco buildings and such a vibrant city.  I took some photos with some very spoilt pigeons and then we walked through the hustle and bustle taking in the sights. There were gothic buildings on every corner, fresh flowers everywhere and heaps of stalls selling all kinds of wares. I found a food market that I dragged the girls into, and bought some Jamon (pronounced HAMON), a Spanish prosciutto. I also bought way too many Spanish chocolates with Dulce de Leche and we stopped to admire the fruit stall that looked like a display in an art gallery, it was so well done! After that we pounced on some locals who recommended a nearby Tapas restaurant for dinner. Upon getting there, we realised it wasn’t open for business yet. We made a reservation and then went across the road to a Tapas bar for drinks. For only 3 Euros we got two delicious Spanish snacks and a glass of Tempranillo wine. Amazing. It was such a hole-in-the-wall place full of locals, it was the best thing we could have done to start off the night! We went back to the restauart, realised it was a French Bistro not a Spanish gem and so we succumbed to the smell of the Paella coming from the touristy restaurants. It was a great experience though! I had a “Menu” with an entrée, side dish, meat paella and a dessert. Yum! Eventually we made our way back to the hotel, exhausted and hopped into bed. The next day we hit up the mall next to the hotel and of course bought our obligatory groceries! My day was made by seeing a Westie puppy in the shops! After that, an almost empty flight home to Dubai was smooth, but all was ruined by the fact that the Laundry lost half of my uniform! It is all sorted now, plus I got a smaller size so I am happy 🙂 I had two trips to Barcelona in a row, they were quite similar but the more recent one was quieter…still lots of paella, wine and beautiful Spanish people involved though 🙂 More current updates to follow! x

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