Learning to Dansk




This post is about my recent layover in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m not sure if it is because I am a quarter Danish, or if I just love Europe in general but Copenhagen was beautiful! This post is for you, Grandad! The flight is notorious amongst crew for being a tough one, because there are two services in just over 6 hours (read: hectic). I, however, thought both flights were great! All of the customers were, happy, smiling and laid back. Very polite and because we were so busy the time flew past 🙂

Once we arrived, a quick shower and a change and we were off to explore the city on foot. Our hotel is just on the river and we were very close to the main road, about a 15-20 minute walk where we just soaked up the atmosphere and ate some sticky cinnamon buns. The area where we stay is close to Tivoli, the oldest amusement park in the world! Unfortunately it was closed, but it opens on the 10th of April and I am going back later this month, so we may have to visit then! I went to Nyhavn, the famous area with the colourful houses and Scandinavian boats. It was cloudy, but the view was worth the chilly weather! I had a Danish hotdog (yum) and then we walked to Amaliegade, where the Queen’s Palace is. We watched the guards change, and I was astounded to see the simplicity of the area. It was grand and classic, but apart from the traditional guards, there were no huge walls, fences, armies or moats around the place. Not like Buckingham palace where you will get yelled at for breathing too close to the fence! I suppose it just goes to show how safe Denmark is and how much respect the Danish have for authority and their royals. It was lovely to see. I also got to see Princess Mary’s house! Would you believe that half of the crew didn’t even know who she was?! As an Aussie I was appalled! (actually, they didn’t even know who One Direction was, so I shouldn’t be surprised really!). Mary and Fred’s was just as low key and charming as the Queen’s Palace. In fact, they are identical except for the Danish flag erected on each roof. They bear each family’s crest on them which is quite cool. I wonder if it features a Viking and an emu?! 😉

After that we walked back and the rest of the crew had a boring supermarket dinner, and I went to a weirdly decorated Irish/Mexican pub so the boys could watch some soccer/football match (I had no interest in this but my avocado BLT was really yummy and huge so this occupied me for the entire game). After that it was off to bed, and the next morning I abused the buffet after a gym session and ate my body weight in DANISHES, PORK BACON (yuuuum) and salmon crackers. Delightful! Then when I came back from Copenhagen I stayed in my pyjamas all day and recuperated! After a body pump class, sushi and a bath I am happy to say that it has been a nice few days. Let’s hope they continue 🙂 Hope you are all well and having a good week, too! x


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