Magical Manchester


After my layover in Frankfurt, I was feeling very positive about my trip to Manchester (the last one before I went home!), and this was partially because of my upcoming leave, and partially because of my plans to meet up with James’ lovely cousin Amy and her husband Sam!


The flight over was quite hectic, there were so many people who, for various reasons, couldn’t take their assigned seats and it was my job to shuffle them around. By the time we took off I’m sure I was sweating!! Once we arrived, it was straight to the hotel so I could quickly change and check in at home, then I caught a (free) taxi from the hotel to the Airport Train Station. I then thought I was being very, very clever by not going to the ticket kiosk and buying my own ticket at the machine. I figured out the platforms and waited in the funny little glass room with a vending machine (to keep warm, I think?) and ate a packet of cheese and onion chips! Sorry, crisps! Then once the ticket lady came to check my ticket on the train, she told me I had bought a first class ticket and that I was sitting in the “cattle class”! Luckily, I was used to that! From now on I think I’ll be more prudent and ask for help haha. After I wandered around Amy-less-ly looking for her, I realised I was in the wrong spot and quickly spotted Amy at our meeting place! It was SO good to see her again (I hadn’t seen her since two Christmases ago). We wandered around, I saw the sights and she gave me an impromptu walking tour of Manchester, particularly focusing on its industrial roots (that I never would’ve known about otherwise) and stopping along the way for various yummy snacks, including “Proper-tea” a really nice little café that I actually spotted near the Manchester Cathedral. We had tea (obviously) and giant scones with jam and REAL clotted cream! Yum! After we walked around a bit more, Amy and I met up with Sam and we had a very yummy (non traditional) dinner at a very cool restaurant whose name has escaped me. But it had pictures of James Dean and Sean Connery on the walls, so it was awesome 😉 Amy and Sam then drove me back to my hotel after a glass of wine and then I drifted straight off to sleep! The flight back was another beauty, busy, full of new joiners and we had a great vibe going on in economy! A great way to start my leave 😉 More about that and the Month of May up soon! I am waiting to Skype James and then catch a movie with the girls at the mall, it’s either blogging or watching Breakfast At Tiffanys…this is far more productive I think 😉 Speak soon! x

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