Whistler Bungee!



A very exciting highlight of our trip was a day journey to Whistler, Vancouver. There was lots to see, and what better way to see it than from a 50m high bridge suspended over a gorge 😉 We went bungee jumping!!! I think it is important to firstly say, that I had no intention of bungee jumping on that day when I woke up. James and Liz had already booked it, and were getting excited. The thought of jumping off a bridge with my legs tied together upside down did not interest me AT ALL. Or so I thought. Half way to Whistler, James was getting more and more excited and then I started to feel like I wanted to be a part of the fun too! I did’t book a jump, but I went up the hill and onto the bridge with the others and then, a spur of the moment decision, I thought “yep, I’ll do this!'”

The guys that worked there were very helpful and calming, and a bunch of liars, too 😛 they told me I would be jumping second, because I needed a smaller cord because I am a midget (more or less) and then before I know it they are harnessing me up and hooking the bungee rope onto me! Apparently there was a change of plan, I was jumping first then James and Liz afterwards! I had to jump off a different side of the bridge where the small rope was, which I felt was less daunting as it was just a little gate that they opened and not a whole separate platform! I was nervous, but I didn’t really have time to be scared as it all happened so quickly! I don’t remember the guys pulling my arms off the railing, but I’m glad they did because on  the count of”4″ I just jumped! Jump is a bit of a stretch, it was more of a scramble because I was so nervous, but very fun nonetheless! After being tossed around for a few minutes, I was pulled back up to safety and given my free t-shirt and lifelong bragging rights 😀 Such a great day!

It was a pretty long way down....

It was a pretty long way down….

Once the cord had kicked in ;)

Once the cord had kicked in 😉

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