My world, minus the Wanderlust…


Sometimes it is just best to sit back and go with the flow…something I’m not the best at!

Fair warning: This is quite a personal post and although it may not be the exciting layover play-by-play that usually fills up my archives, I still feel it must be shared. Therefore, if you do not want an honest recollection of my past week in the world of flying, stop reading now!

So, life lately. After a great end to October, November started off great too, James visited, I flew to Madrid and New York! That is all well and good, as Madrid is an absolutely beautiful city, even in the rain! Also, in my opinion, New York really is, as Alicia Keys put it a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It certainly exceeded every expectation and hope that I had pinned on a place! For a city to amaze me in 24 hours is for another post entirely 😉

After that I had a turnaround to a less than desirable/ glamorous/ enjoyable place and although I wasn’t looking forward to it, I was disappointed that I had to call in sick. Due to the fact that my sinuses were blocked and anything more than getting up to put my wheat pack in the microwave and get some more Vix felt like it took up a horrendous amount of energy and nose blowing. Not good. Thankfully, my friend Marcella had the day off, so we spent the evening watching stupid things on you tube and eating naughty foods. Thank goodness for friends!

Thankfully, I also didn’t have to call sick for my next flight which was Abuja, Nigeria (where I am currently writing this post from). Nigeria is very different to Kenya, where my last African layover was. The political situation is not as stable here. There is an armed escort that takes us to our hotel from the airport. Everyone must pass through a metal detector (to check for weapons) before entering any building, and also have their temperature checked due to the ever present threat of Ebola (even though Nigeria is said to be clear, Health Precautions are being taken for communicable diseases throughout Africa). I’m not sure if all of this makes me feel more safe or not but it was quite confronting. That being said, I’ve spent the entire time in the (very nice) hotel, where there are lots of things to keep us busy, but I’ve chosen to rest and relax in my room instead, seeing as I have a flight to Johannesburg the day after I land from here, and then my cousin comes to visit after that! So there is much to look forward to in the coming weeks.

I’ve been thinking recently about my time here, my journey and if perhaps that time is coming to an end. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to spread my wings and literally fly, see some amazing places and meet lots of new faces. The thing is, although I love the lifestyle that shift work and ultimately flying brings, but I’m really starting to romanticise the idea of going home. Maybe I’m just going through a phase that all of us do (mine are just a bit more frequent?), but I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life, family, boyfriend, friends (both near and far) and I feel as thought my time when I’m not flying would be better spent at home, rather than in Dubai. This lifestyle can be quite lonely, sometimes. This is all just speculation, because sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I really am to have this job, and other times when I am collecting dirty trays at stupid O’clock, I find myself reassessing my life choices. Here is what I DO know;

1. I love travelling

2. I love writing

3. I love to take pictures whilst travelling to include in my writing (hence this blog!)

4. Above all, I love the people who have made me who I am today. Without their loving support, patient Skype advice and help in pretty much every avenue of my life, I would be a very different 22 year old trying to find her place in this world.

I’m missing the comforts of home, its natural beauty and freedom that growing up in Australia instills within me and I am considering my career options. I have a Bachelor of Arts, and have just been accepted into a Master’s program for Zoology, which is ultimately something I enjoy (because I am a massive nerd and love studying)! December is a big month and I will see what my next roster brings before I make any rash decisions.If I had a dirham for every time I questioned my choice to move to the UAE…well I still wouldn’t be very rich because the exchange rate to AUD isn’t the best 😉 But I’m trying my best to keep calm, not be so negative and focus on the positives. So here it goes! For the next week I am going to be nothing but chirpy and positive, starting from now 😀

Apologies for the honesty, but it’s not all fun and games, this is real life (my life) and I hope you have gained another well rounded insight into the life of flying and this roller coaster ride of mine! 🙂

9 thoughts on “My world, minus the Wanderlust…

  1. Dear Taylor,
    I really appreciate your honesty! I love your blog and constant updates as they always make my week! I’m currently on hold along with about 200+ people to join the airline, and I’m so glad you’re giving such a realistic representation of the job. It’s not just about traveling and seeing the world, and I’m glad I have a truthful blog like yours to turn to to really prepare myself for this adventure(: I know that no matter what you’ll decide to pursue next you’ll be great at it! Thank you for your wonderful blog and wish you the best! Maybe one day I’ll be able to meet you in the skies(; Good luck and safe travels until then!

    • Dear Lisa,
      Thank you for reading and appreciating the blog. It started off as a way of keeping in touch with loved ones, now it’s like my own little form of therapy, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too 🙂 good luck with the rest of your application! I was on hold for ages as wanted to finish studying first, it’s good because it gives you time to consider you options, and once the opportunity comes, you’ll be even more sure of your decision, and more appreciative, too! Thanks for the kind words, I’ll be sure to write some more posts soon 🙂 I’d like that, good luck!

  2. I’m joining on january 2nd 🙂 i read a few people feel lonely. how long have you been doing this job?

    • Congratulations 🙂 it can be a lonely job, especially if all of your friends are flying, or everyone is asleep at home or where you are and you want to talk! I’ve been flying for almost a year now. Everything is counted from the day you joined, i.e. the day you flew out of your home airport. Good luck!

  3. and if i leave before 1 year, we pay the company back, but do they consider 1 year from the Date you actually fly to Dubai, or the date you start training, or the day you start flying and working?

  4. Thanks for you blog an honesty. Please do not give up on your dreams. Continue a little while longer. When you are old one day you will not have regrets. Just think you get paid to see the world. Yes it is long hours and grumpy pax and not always such nice destinations, but nowhere but nowhere you will have these opportunities. To do a daytime job, you will have to save a long time to travel the world – so a little bit of advice – go for gold and travel a little longer. I enjoy reading your blog’s tremendously! Hope to read a lot more blog’s with you spreading your wings. xxx

    • Thanks Mari for yours 🙂 You’re right, I don’t have any regrets so far and I don’t plan to! This is a once in a lifetime and it’s worth the hard work! We’ll see what happens in the future, thanks for reading! x

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