Munchie Madness in Madrid!


This post was drafted a few days ago In a desperate bid to try and distract myself from the upcoming events this week (my cousin is coming to Dubai, followed by a layover in Sydney where one of my very best friends is flying to meet me), I’ll share my experience of Madrid with you all!


The flight was quite a challenge, more so than I had thought! It was fairly long, with two full meal services and although the customers were hilarious and very nice, they all wanted about six drinks each, which kept us on our toes! At least the time passed quickly, and then we were in Madrid! One of the crew I had actually flown to SYD-AKL with on my previous flight was on the trip, and although we didn’t hang out (her boyfriend is in Spain), she gave me an excellent list of things to see/ do/ eat and I was excited to try them out. I befriended another crew from Business Class, and seeing as we were the only two who hadn’t yet been to the capital of Spain, we arranged to meet up and explore.


Laura and I caught the metro (the “Tiffany Blue Line” was how I was able to find our way through the system) to the Sol station, right in the centre of Madrid. It was raining when we arrived, so naturally we took cover in the closest building we could find…ZARA πŸ˜€ After some looking around, we found the Museo de Jamon the “Ham Museum” which is a nice restaurant that sells cured meats and all of the Spanish fare (paella, sangria, omelette, ect) but for a fairly touristy price, which we’ll keep in mind for next time.

Museo de Jamon aka Snack #1

Museo de Jamon aka Snack #1

To add to the atmosphere, there was a huge Liverpool army of fans chanting because there was a match on the following day in Madrid. Pretty amusing πŸ˜‰


After our snack, we went to find more snacks at the Mercado San Miguel. This is quite possibly the equivalent to the Disneyland of food. Not that I have had the pleasure of visiting the happiest place on earth yet, but I can imagine! It is a gourmet market filled with various stalls of cheese, olives, tapas, calamari, shredded fish, fruit, sushi, sweets, cocktails…everything!

This ham-man surprise photobombed me!

This ham-man surprise photobombed me!

Mercado San Miguel aka Snack 2

Mercado San Miguel aka Snack #2

Gourmet Sangria for less than a dollar :D

Gourmet Sangria for less than a dollar πŸ˜€

For three euros you can have 3 tapas and a glass of wine. It was great! We were so full after that we walked off our food in the rain, bought matching ponchos and then finished up the evening with more shopping. I was in bed, asleep by 9pm and it was great πŸ˜€ The next morning I braved the cold for some food shopping for the girls and I. 20 euro bought me some jamon y queso, omelette, gazpacho, paella mix, chorizo and the best sangria so far, better than Barcelona! (Read all about the previous adventures from my 2x trips to BarcelonaΒ here!) I also got some snacks for the flight back which were amazing πŸ˜€ munchies officially eradicated!

Food Shopping: Before

Food Shopping: Before

Food Shopping: After :D

Food Shopping: After πŸ˜€

Needless to say, my friends were very happy when I cooked dinner upon my return πŸ˜€ Next post up will be, *drumroll, please* the Big Apple, aka NYC!! x

3 thoughts on “Munchie Madness in Madrid!

  1. Hey Taylor πŸ™‚ I really enjoy reading your blog. I want to apply for emirates as soon as I can so I was wondering if I need my A-levels to become a member of emirates cabin crew. I would really appreciate your respond. Take care.
    Yours, Bea

    • Hi Bea! Sorry I’m not quite familiar with your schooling system..are your A Levels High School? or University/ tertiary studies? Competency in English is required, and if you sit your interview in a country where English is not the national language, you’ll be asked to sit an exam to show your level of competency. All of my friends (and most people I fly with) have completed high school if not university studies also, so that we have something to fall back when we decide to hang up our wings. I hope this helps you out πŸ™‚

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