Save me San Francisco

Since I last posted, my cousin has come to visit, I journeyed to Sydney to meet up with my friend, have been to San Francisco, New York, moved apartments, flown to Glasgow and participated in my annual recurrent safety training. I spent Christmas in Dubai with my friends 🙂  This post comes drafted from my marshmallow bed in Dusseldorf,   to you with love! 


After a very fun few days (maybe not so fun for others seeing as I was waiting for my new roster to come out, sorry Cassie!) my roster came out while we were on a day trip to Abu Dhabi. I’m not sure if anyone wants to know about that, but if you would, comment on this post and I will share it with you all! Anyway, my phone died, the roster came out and I had to wait an agonising 2 hours on the bus (that had wifi, might I add) to be able to fully see where I was going! It looked nice but not perfect to begin with!

San Francisco, Days Off, New York, Columbo, Glasgow, SEP Recurrent, Dublin (for Christmas) Days off in Dubai for Christmas, Dusseldorf and Bangkok soon Paris with my friend Rachel!

Now all of the technicalities are out of the way, let’s talk San Fran!

I was lucky enough to be blessed with my friends Jane and Liza already rostered onto the same San Francisco flight as me (we are all in the same bidding group, so we are often rostered the same flights together or similar flights in the month), and then our girl Yona swapped onto it as well! We were madly excited for the 2 days layover in a city that all of us (except Jane) hadn’t yet visited. The flight was scheduled to be long (like almost 16 hours long) but we were so happy to all be flying together that it didn’t matter a bit! Ok it mattered a little bit, but we were so happy that it was a lot easier than it could’ve been!

Flying with your friends is a dream come true! :)

Flying with your friends is a dream come true! 🙂

After waiting around at the airport for our crew bus to pick us up (picture 26 red hats looking rather dishevelled but still trying to smile politely after crossing about 7 time zones :P) we went to the hotel so I could literally just have a shower, get changed and meet the others, including my friend Georgia (who I met on my Joburg flight) because we were going to hire and car and drive to the city! For two reasons: 1. The rest of the girls were going to look around and grab dinner and 2. Georgia and I had booked tickets to a very special, intimate, LIVE concert with Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri and Train! It was all her idea and after some hairy ticketing issues it was all sorted and we were in a car driving towards the bay! After a few wrong turns (poor Liza was driving and has the patience of a saint) we were on the 101 Highway and had our eyes glued to the windows, admiring the hilly city, abundance of bridges and cute little houses that looked like they were straight out of a movie.

Such a great concert!

Such a great concert!

The girls dropped Georgia and I outside the venue, and we were shocked that everyone inside was evacuating… the end it was just a precaution and the show went on without a hitch. It was pretty stressful to say the least! The show was great, even though I was unbelievably tired I managed to stay alert and upright to see Ed perform, and man was he good! Just him and all these different guitars belting his heart out. It was amazing and I am so grateful that I got to go. Thank you Georgia for thinking of it! We went to Walgreens at midnight (a food convenience store) and I bought lots of necessary food (read: cereal) from the states and we caught the train back to the Airport to catch a taxi from there back to the hotel. Phew!!

Our ride!

Our ride!

The next day we were up bright and early, on our way to the city again to hit up Alcatraz, the famous US penitentiary and see the city during the daytime. We parked the car, got on the ferry and started to take a few of many pictures of the layover. The views were breathtaking and the company was brilliant. The tour of Alcatraz was so informative and just creepy enough to keep us all interested and  on our toes. A must see for anyone of any age going to visit San Francisco. Alcatraz took up most of the morning and by lunch we were starving and naturally, we had IN’N”OUT burger, which was so simple yet so delicious and cheap that it’s easy to see why it’s so popular!


On the way to Alcatraz!

On the way to Alcatraz!



Alcatraz is where "Shutter Island" was filmed with Leo Di Caprio!

Alcatraz is where “Shutter Island” was filmed with Leo Di Caprio!

Such an eye opening experience:  "Broadway"  in Alcatraz

Such an eye opening experience: “Broadway” in Alcatraz



Shopping and sightseeing was the main focus for the rest of the day, and we had an amazing dinner at a cool bar surrounded by lovely Americans who were all speaking in their charming accents and saying “Taylor” how it should be pronounced and not butchering it like we Aussies do 😛 I fell asleep on the car ride back to the hotel and and then after a quick Skype with James, Jane and I ate Hershey’s Caramel Kisses and watched trashy TV! A great end to a lovely layover, and I had 5 days off after so in true Taylor form, I went home to Perth to try and catch up with everyone before Christmas 🙂


Pier 39!

Pier 39!

Love these girls!

Love these girls!

Seattle from the famous Lombard Street!

Seattle from the famous Lombard Street!



Our 90s girl band shot :P

Our 90s girl band shot 😛

Sorry about the long post, but there is too much to share! More about New York, round 2, coming soon! x

3 thoughts on “Save me San Francisco

  1. Thanks so much for the post, loved following along with tour trip again. I would be interested to hear anput your roster if you’re up for sharing!

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