An Affair to Remember

Empire State of Mind!

Empire State of Mind!

It seems that after I swapped onto JFK in my first month of having my US Visa, crew control has taken it upon themselves to continue rostering me this lovely 14 hour flight! 😀 New York is an amazing city and I absolutely adore it, the problem is the flying time (on the way and the return sector) is unfortunately longer than the actual layover time! When you take into account the time we spend doing our post landing duties, going through the airport, getting on the bus, checking into the hotel (usually by order of seniority which leaves yours truly at the bottom of the list!) we really only have an afternoon to explore, because we have to sleep as well!

In saying this, my second trip to JFK was still very enjoyable, except for my crippling tiredness as I literally just flew from one side of the world (Perth) and worked all the way to the other (New York) 😉 ANYWAY! I met up with some other crew and we decided to check out the Christmas markets and ice skating that can be found in numerous spots around the city. We chose Bryant Park, and after a lot of confusion and waiting around, we went ice skating whilst Christmas carols played and a twinkly big tree towered over the rink. It was like something out of a movie! After splitting up with our colleagues who wanted to get drunk at barely lunchtime, a French crew and I decided to walk towards the High Line. Half way there, we stopped for pizza and I stuffed my face! We also decided it was too cold for the high line, and I made my way to 5th Ave to do some Christmas “window” shopping 😉

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Hot Apple and Cinnamon Cider!

Hot Apple and Cinnamon Cider!

Being gluttonous doesn't count if you haven't eaten for 12 hours ;)

Being gluttonous doesn’t count if you haven’t eaten for 12 hours 😉

On an impulse, I decided to go up the Empire State Building alone, seeing as no one wanted to go this time and last time it was shut! The views were amazing, the temperature freezing and I was feeling a bit nostalgic (even thought I had never actually been up there before) because I was the only person up there who wasn’t with others. In saying this, it is such a lovely, romantic, fun spot that it would’ve been nice to share it with my loved ones. It’s bittersweet, because I saw so much of the world this past year, but a lot of the time it was alone or with almost perfect strangers, so I kind of feel like I need to go back with my family and friends! It’s all part of this so called “cabin crew life!”


That view but!

That view but!

Freeeeeeeezing my butt off!

Freeeeeeeezing my butt off!

"Winter must be awfully cold for those with no warm memories"

“Winter must be awfully cold for those with no warm memories”

After my rendezvous with the Empire State Building, I proceeded to walk in the wrong direction for about 30 blocks, then gave up and got into a taxi, went back to my room and zonked out at 7:30pm….and I STILL woke the next morning for my wakeup call at 6am feeling like the walking dead! It was a long flight back, and I was glad when it was over because I got to move into my new apartment, and then pick up my lovely James from the airport for a short 24 hour visit!


A not so exciting post compared to the last, but it was actually what happened 😉

Next up, Glasgow in Pictures, Damn Cold in Dusseldorf, Paris with my Blog Buddy and Mad about Manchester again!

Happy New Year Everyone! x

2 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember

  1. where did you move to ? was it easy to move to where you wanted or did u have to wait forever? I’m joining on friday and just curios if i wanted to move to a 2 bedroom in the city if thats possible to get 🙂

    • I moved into a different apartment in the same building, in the city with a friend. I didn’t have to wait as I had found a vacant room and handed in the forms immediately… But there is a waiting list for accomodation, sometimes it can be up to 300 people long! Good luck!

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