Desert Life: Ski Dubai

Very excited :D

Very excited 😀

I generally try to avoid posting too much about life in Dubai, seeing as most of the time when I’m there we tend to be winding down in front of the pool/ TV/ various laptops /stove trying to cook ourselves decent meals for fear of malnutrition 😉 after not having eaten a full meal, sitting down for more than three days. Story of our lives! Anyway, in anticipation for my upcoming trip to Whistler, Vancouver for my annual leave, I decided to attempt to remedy my chronic un-coordination and take snow boarding lessons so I could keep up with James and his sister, Liz.

This was my first (and possibly best?!) decision of the year. My lesson was on January 1st…I rung in the new year in the air and then closed the day on the slopes! After landing from Paris and heading to bed at stupid o’clock, I woke up at lunchtime to prepare for my flight. This involves ensuring my uniform is spick and span, packing my luggage and packing my lunch in an attempt to be healthy. After all this, I did some washing and more cooking, and then headed to the Mall of the Emirates for my snowboarding lesson at Ski Dubai.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised! After being kitted out in snow gear, I was given boots and a board, and sent off to the baby slope.

The board was 141 cm and almost taller than me!

The board was 141 cm and almost taller than me!

We learnt how to shuffle towards the magic carpet (special conveyer belt to take us up the slope) and then eventually slide down heel side and toe side. My instructor was great, and even though I was quite clumsy at first, he really helped me out!

A real ski pass to help me practice for Whistler!

A real ski pass to help me practice for Whistler!

The hour and a half lesson flew by, and I almost forgot that I was in a shopping mall in Dubai and not on a mountain somewhere exotic and chilly! There was even a snow machine to keep the snow “falling”! I highly recommend Ski Dubai to anyone living in or passing through Dubai as a fun activity. They have zip lining, skiing, boarding, penguin encounters and tobogganing as well…I’ll definitely be heading there with the girls soon 😀

Hope this has given you an insight into desert life!

I also thought that if you’d like to see more recent updates of where I am and what I’m doing, you can follow me on Instagram @taylorkats

I’d love to hear from you all more, would you like more of an insight about life in Dubai? Or how about Top 10 Layovers? Travel Tips? You tell me 😉 Happy Travelling! x

9 thoughts on “Desert Life: Ski Dubai

  1. Skiing sounds awesome. Would love to hear about top 10 layovers, but also about challenging flights/routes, both passenger wise and weather wise? Any good tales/Stories about certain flights?

    Safe flying and happy travelling 🙂

    • Snowboarding in Dubai was a great experience, but nothing could compare to the real deal in Canada! I’ll do my best to come up with a Top 10 list and share some stories with you all 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Hy Taylor,
    your blog is amazing and full of really good information for all of us who are trying to be a cabin crew, so thank you!!!
    I would love to read about your top 10 layovers but also I would love to read how is plane your week, for instance how many hours in a week you fly, how much free time do you have and what usually do you do … and all other information that can help us to understand how is the cabin crew life style with your pros and cons.
    Thank you so much


    • Hey Manu, you are most welcome, thank you for enjoying it! I will write a Top 10 Layover post soon and also how a typical week might go…of course our rosters change every month, no two weeks are the same and all the days seem to blend into one! I will do my best to tell it like it is 😀

  3. Hi Taylor,

    I was inspired after reading your blog and I decided to apply for Emirates airline as well. I have been called for the assessment day in March and I was wondering if you could help clarify something. You mentioned before you are a petite girl and had to do a lot of stretch to pass the reach test. When they stand you against the wall, how far away are you from the wall? Does all fingers have to cross the 212cm mark or just your longest finger?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Wow, that is amazing, well done! When I participated in the reach test, I was right up against the wall and yes, all of your finger tips must be over the mark, in order to fully pass the “reach” test. This is a safety requirement, in order to reach emergency equipment and operate the aircraft doors manually if need be. If you are not successful, the interviewers will most likely tell you on the spot. Keep stretching, and wishing you all the best!

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