Sweet on Stockholm


The view outside our hotel…like a postcard!


Yesterday evening I was catching up with some friends from school (which feels like ages ago..where have 6 years gone?!) and we were speaking about travelling (amongst many other things!) and it dawned on me that I haven’t yet written about my last few flights as crew when I was based in Dubai. Crazy! So here is my take on Stockholm, Sweden 😉


All white everything!


My day started at around 3:30am, and, bearing in mind I had a flight so early, I tried to have an early night, but dinner and wine happened with the girls and I ended up being very tired the next day! Needless to say, I should’ve slept more the night before, but this didn’t stop me from going out with the crew once we landed! After a flight that was on-par with a flying restaurant (think two services, a never ending list of drink orders and a constant chatter in the Cabin all throughout throughout the flight), we were very glad to land on the almost completely white airfield and I was even happy to be assaulted by the freezing wind! It was technically the first time it had been snowing when I arrived somewhere on a layover, and not on the day that we left, so you can imagine my excitement 😀


We arrived at the hotel after an average length bus ride of 30 minutes. The longest bus ride from airport to hotel on layovers is around 1-2 hours (in Moscow, I believe), depending on traffic, and in some places, we WALK to the hotel if it is close by, such as in Milan, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf! After we defrosted and layered up, some other Aussie crew and I met downstairs, and, armed with hot chocolates and an assortment of wooly accessories, we trekked into the Old Town of Stockholm.


Trying not to turn into an icicle!


It was a weekday, and even though it wasn’t much after 1pm, the sun would be setting in a few hours and the city was like a ghost town! It was very silent and eerie due to the snow and the generally chilly weather that can be expected during a Scandinavian winter, but it was so beautiful and magical nonetheless, it was like we had the whole of Stockholm to ourselves! Much to my disappointment, we didn’t stop on one of the charming little restaurants for some authentic Swedish cuisine, and instead we went to an Irish- themed bar that served (dare I say) microwaved Swedish meatballs and the other girls filled themselves with cheap- non Swedish drinks. If anyone has read my post on Paris about travelling solo, you’ll know that I hate going with the flow if it means going against my instincts and not doing everything how the locals do! So, to make up for my lack of swedish meatballs (even Ikea’s were better than these), we took in the sights by the moonlight, and I bought some lovely Swedish sweets to compensate! These were well and truly worth the trouble, and we got some gorgeous shots of the city by nightfall!


Another early night, seeing as the mercury had dipped well below zero, and little did I know that my last layover had come to and end!


4pm and pitch black!


It was an amazing trip, filled with snowflakes, sweets and lovely Swedish people! The flight back was even more fun, as I was about to go on leave and was in the best mood ever! I are friends with a nice Swedish couple that I later moved to a better seat simply because there was space and they were so polite and attentive! Regardless of your role in customer service, whether you are crew, working at McDonald’s or are the richest customer ever, a smile and some polite small talk will get you a long way…trust me!



I’m very keen to continue posting regularly, but seeing as I have about a million things on my plate (one of them soon to be full time work)  the blog may seem a bit sparse! I am always drafting posts in my spare time, and thinking of tips and tricks about how to best share my travel experiences with you all. It’s never far from my mind, and I hope you enjoy what’s to come! x

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