How to Become a Morning Person

Good evening fellow wanderlusters! Over at Go Cabin Crew you will find my second edition of “Cabin Crew Travels with Taylor” , edition 2, from my last few flights back in Dubai at the beginning of the year. It may seem like I have neglected my beloved online sanctuary, but this, infact, is not at all true! I think about posting and writing every single day, and I have been working on the same drafts for weeks, but by the time I get home after a long day, all I want to do is relax, and I can’t write a post if I’m too relaxed…for fear of making a grammatical error!!

I am busy rejoining society on the ground for the time being, before I shall be up in the clouds and grumbling about my lack of sleep/ lack of passenger courtesy and or hygiene. For now, I am trying to make the most of home, and all the little comforts here that I missed so dearly. My family, my friends, my pets, the ocean, the clarity of Australian air and the laid- back culture of the country in which I was raised that I didn’t even know existed until I left here! It has been a bit hard for me to eat and sleep at normal times, let along get used to not having to pack a suitcase every few days or so. It is a change and a challenge that I welcome, knowing that I am in the hemisphere in which I belong, for the time being 🙂 I must admit, I do miss my gorgeous friends and all of the pointless conversations we had and unnecessary sangria that we consumed! This is why I am immensely looking forward to my European Escape in July, where I will go back to Dubai for a few days to experience the tail end of Ramadan (lucky me!) and then off to Greece and the Islands with my family. Fun times are ahead! For the mean time, here is a post that I think will be beneficial to everyone, no matter how many feet above sea level!


Early mornings mean more time for eggs!

How to Become a Morning Person

Written by a natural morning enthusiast!

It has dawned on me during my time on the ground,  (the longest I have gone without operating a flight has officially passed. I am currently grounded! Chocks on 😉 )That during any kind of role, whether corporate or cabin or otherwise, it is important to set oneself into a routine. This helps with being mentally and physically prepared for work, alertness and situational awareness. The best way to do all of this is to become a morning person! Or just trick yourself into being one 😉 I have been an early riser my whole life. Some studies show that it is hereditary, and I think that there is a ring of truth to that. Both my parents were always up early when I was young. My dad used to give me a cup of milk and I’d watch Dumbo at 5am. Every. Single. Morning! Then he would go off to work, and by that time my mum would be up cleaning and working away. Since then. Not much has changed. My mum has been known to wake at odd hours after remembering to clean some thing or another, and my dad rarely ever sleeps past 8am on the weekends…

It was only natural for me to become a morning person too. As long as I have at least 5-6 hours’ sleep, I can function at a level that is appropriate for human interaction! Anything more than 7 hours and I should have a fantastic day! So, here are my tips on getting to sleep at the right time of the day or night to get all the rest and relaxation you need to conquer you’re the skies or your office!

1. Prepare Everything the Night Before

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This is pretty much my life motto! Having your uniform or outfit ready for the next day will take you 10 minutes before you go to sleep, and save you about half an hour when you wake up. It is ESPECIALLY important to be prepared and punctual if you are Cabin Crew. Please Note: the flight will leave whether you are on it or not! Pack your suitcase, your cabin bag, your hand bag, anything and that is vital to you attending work the night before. It wills save you having a heart attack before you have to rush out the door (see my mad dash to my Sydney flight here).


2. Pack Your Lunch!

Just in case you are new to the blog (welcome!) and haven’t yet grasped my love for food, you should know that my interests (other than travelling, reading and taking pretty photos) lie mainly in pizza, wine, caramel flavoured items and tea. So I like knowing that I have some yummy things to eat throughout the day to keep me going! May favourites to take on board are home-made Thai meatballs, grilled salmon with veges, overnight oats and quinoa salads. In fact, I was so into packing my meals that I used to source my favourite foods from around the world (and Australia) and bring them back to Dubai! If you would like me to post some receipes, please let me know!

 3. Set an Earlier Alarm

In order to let you feel like you have had a sleep in, set an alarm for half an hour before you actually have to get out of bed. It will give you time to press snooze, collect your thoughts or even browse your Instagram feed (guilty!). Once you have had a few minutes to start your day somewhat quietly (well, better than with one single alarm blearing in your ear and then having to run around like a headless chicken), you can eat your breakfast that you prepared the night before! This will stop you from snacking all morning on naughty pastries, danishes, chocolates on board or at the corner shop, depends on your choice of poison! My personal favourite is Overnight Oats, a recipe devised by my friends, Jane and Justine, who not only share my love of arranging food into Instagram worthy shapes, but for eating it also! Waking up even earlier means not only time for a shower, but for a good scrub to refresh and invigorate you! I tried FRANK, and let’s be frank, it was quite amazing. It was very hard to clean up (or so I am told…) but on the other hand, I don’t really drink coffee, but I love the smell…. and who doesn’t want to wake up to grape-seed infused coffee beans and coconutty goodness in the morning?! Beats me 😉 It was so good I felt it necessary to take these “obligatory selfies that are all over instagram…sorry/notsorry!

FRANKly, the best $17 I spent all week!

FRANKly, the best $17 I spent all week!


4. Avoid All (unnecessary) Technology

I’m not going to say switch it off, because let’s face one does! I must admit that browsing instagram or watching Netflix is a mic escape for me, and one that relaxes me before bed. Checking my emails and Facebook? Not so much. Who can sleep if they are worried about paying a rogue bill, or by what their friends wore/saw when they went away last weekend? Not me! Try to limit technology by weaning yourself off it, and if you have a super early morning (or flight) just tone it down an hour before you actually want to fall asleep, so your brain isn’t over-stimulated.

5. Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

This is something that I’m working on. When I was off travelling the world and waking up at stupid-o’clock I was upset because of my lack of sleep, and perhaps I didn’t always fully absorb the world around me as I could have. Now that I am living a different lifestyle again, it makes me realise that I should be appreciating things in the here and now for what they are, not what they were or how they will be in future. So, I am vowing to relish waking up early (for work or otherwise), as it means more of the day to enjoy and appreciating the sleep-ins and rest days when they come around all the more!

I hope this helps you, because it certainly made a difference to me 🙂

Would you like an insight into the interview process on Australian Airlines? Let me know, I’d be willing to share my experiences if you’d like to hear them! This is a great stepping stone for younger aspiring crew as you only have to be 18 years of age, and not 21, like most Middle Eastern/ Atlantic Airlines.

Happy Travelling! For now, my travels will be either virtual or local (there is an upcoming post on the South West!) xx

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

5 thoughts on “How to Become a Morning Person

  1. Is there any way I can contact you? I’d love to ask some questions. I’m desperately working towards becoming a flight attendant and any information would be greatly appreciated. I’m not a part of any blogs I just read them a lot and follow groups on Facebook so I’m unsure how to get in contact with you…

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