Picture Perfect

It's no secret that I love to take a good photo (or several hundreds!)

It’s no secret that I love to take a good photo (or several hundreds!)

Make your Smartphone Snaps a Success!

I’m often asked what kind of camera I use to capture my photos, both the unbelievably exotic travelling photos and the extremely mundane pictures of my food and my feet. I just noticed that they seem to be a focal point on my Instagram account. I think that speaks volumes about me; as well as appreciating the finer things in life, such as travel and world- class monuments,  I have also come to appreciate the most humble of items- a cup of tea, a glass of wine and a good pair of socks, or a perfectly ripe avocado! This is the collection of apps that I have accumulated over time (thanks to some very well- educated recommendations) can turn your bad hair days and misguided sun rays into artistic, aesthetically appealing shots. Let it be known that at the time of purchase, all of these apps were free because a) pretty photos should be accessible for all b) I have more important things to spend my money on (such as the weekend, and around the world!) 






1.       Afterlight

Recommended by my super-talented extremely artistic friend, Autilia. Afterlight is an app that contains a myriad of filters, “light leak” feature and also a “dust” filter to give your photos a multi- textural look and avoid them looking too bright. The light leak feature is my favourite, it can brighten up an otherwise plain picture, and is great for getting rid of unsightly photo bombers, blemishes or stray fingers in the way of your lense! 





2.       VSCO Cam                                          

After befriending my favorite Canadian, Alicia (on layover in Singapore) I was struck by how even though our photos were essentially of the same people and objects, hers just looked so much damn better than mine! This creative chick shared some of her editing secrets with me, and I have never looked back! VSCO cam has some very natural filters that are perfect for close ups, particularly when photographing people with light coloured eyes (like mine), or the sea or the sky! 


Before- a bit “blah”



3. LiPix

This is a nifty little app that I stumbled upon by myself, after feeling the need to display more than one item in my Instagram posts! It is also great for before/ after shots, and for framing and resizing into cute shapes, like hearts 🙂 

An example of my Instagram account with lots of clean lines! :)

An example of my Instagram account with lots of clean lines! 🙂

4.       Squaready

My use of this app was poached from my good friend Jane, whose Instagram is clutter free and beautiful! Squaready places a white frame around your picture, ensuring that they don’t overlap, and your eyes are automatically focused on the image in front of you, thanks to the crisp white lines surrounding your masterpiece!


Getting fishy in Manchester!

5.       Invest in a “Fisheye” lens 

This was quite possibly the most inexpensive/outstanding Christmas gift I have ever received! A little lens that literally pops onto the back of my phone, it gives off a few different “views” from the camera, including a fish eye (see below) and also a wide angle, which makes taking photos from the front camera easier and more flattering to everyone in it!

Of course, I do have a camera (a very nice Nikon one) but often on layovers I used to just take my phone, my room key and my envelope with my allowance inside and that was it! Not to mention, in many of my beautiful handbags, there isn’t much room for anything let alone a portable photography studio! That being said, there are so many ways to capture your special moments, but this is the easiest way for me personally. I hope you have enjoyed this mini editing tutorial!

Happy, Snappy Travels!

Taylor x

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