A Whole New World: Disneyland Paris!

Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle

For me, perhaps one of the most anticipated days of our trip was just last week (sigh), when we headed to Disneyland for the day! This has been long awaited. Funnily enough the amount of times I’ve been to Paris, you’d think I would’ve made the trip…but it wasn’t meant to be. Every time something has come up; weather, delays, lack of company (contrary to popular opinion, I feel it would be rather sad to attend the happiest place on Earth…alone 😛



So, with my walking guidebook for all things Disney (Cassie) and my actual maps on my phone, we set out at the lovely time of 7am (when all of Paris was still deep in their dreams) to find the nearest train station. After walking around in circles, we made it to Les Halles ( a 2 minute walk from our Louve apartment) and navigated our way to the RER A line to catch the Marne-La Ville train to Le Parcs Disney. We purchased a Navigo card (much like a French version of the Oyster) and managed to just board the train before it left the platform! Some 35 minutes later (the train was running extremely early…usually the journey can take up to an hour!), we were inside the designated “Disney Area”, amongst the Disney Village, Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland Park.

Even lining up wasn't so bad because look at the view!

Even lining up wasn’t so bad because look at the view!

Even though we had purchased tickets with “Extra Magic Hours” , this was for hotel guests only. So we decided to have some breakfast and begin lining up. The gates ended up opening at about 9:35 am, so really we were an hour and a half early, but it was well worth it!

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios

My cousin is a bit of a Disney fanatic, and she has been to almost all of the parks now (bar Tokyo), so she was in charge of the map, and deciding which attractions to go to first. This is mainly because of the fact that we were expecting HUGE lines, and organising “fast passes” to skip the queues. We were pleasantly surprised! Disneyland Paris was in no way as busy as Orlando and other parks at this time of year (or so I’m told!) The longest we had to wait to get on a ride was about 40 minutes, but that was at the very end of the day, and we went on some rides twice so we really can’t complain!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups

My favourites were the Thunder Coaster, the Tower of Terror (that we went on more than once!), the Aerosmith Rock and Roll Coaster (an unexpectedly awesome ride!)  and of course everyone’s favourite, Space Mountain 2! I even purchased the photos as they were relatively inexpensive after the first one,  light to carry and an awesome keepsake!

The Rock and Roll Coaster :P

The Rock and Roll Coaster 😛 

We dined for lunch at a Tex Mex diner… it was no way healthy but so delicious! After lunch and exploring, we found a spot on “main street” to watch the parade…which wasn’t just for little kids! I LOVED it! Especially the Frozen float 🙂

Staking our claim for prime parade seats!

Staking our claim for prime parade seats!

Andy's Toy Land

Andy’s Toy Land

To infinity... and beyond! :P

To infinity… and beyond! 😛

The sun setting on a beautiful day :)

The sun setting on a beautiful day 🙂

Finally, something Mickey shaped!

Finally, something Mickey shaped!

For dinner we ate at the Rainforest Cafe (another favourite of mine…”animals” + food, whats not to love?!) and then hurried back to main street to see the fireworks! They were just as captivating, if not more than I imagined and it was a glittering end to a truly enchanting day. I can’t wait to explore the other Disneylands now! Perhaps Tokyo over the Christmas break 😛

Bye Disneyland, À bientôt!

Bye Disneyland, À bientôt!

Hakuna Matata! xx

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