Hiking Hardware


Part of the fun of going away is all of the fun items that you get to buy to take with you! I have had a few requests about my Yosemite wardrobe, so here are the everyday essentials for being “wild”! This post is a little different- click on the picture to instantly go shopping 😉

    1. Invest in Proper Boots

The best couple of hundred dollars I ever spent was on my Timberland 6 inch Off White boots. I had originally planned to wear my sheepskin lined Aldo snow boots from Canada a few years ago. In all honesty, it wasn’t the practicality that won me over in wanting to buy a new pair of boots. I actually just wanted an excuse to by a pair of boots for winter,and also wanted to have nice boots in all of our pictures. Luckily I did, because not only did they have great ankle support…but they looked the part! Great grip, sturdy, waterproof and if you use the special Timberland polish after a day of trekking (or traipsing) they come out looking brand new, if not a little scratched!

2. Have Your Own Back (pack!)

This was the first time I have ever travelled with a back pack (I have this thing about looking too “touristy” when travelling), and I must say it was very convenient and kind to my back! It fit my huge water bottle, lunch, toiletries, various cameras and photography paraphernalia, snacks, change of clothes, socks, laptop…the list is endless! Kathmandu have a huge range of sizes and colours to fit your look and general packing style (mine is generally “kitchen sink” ). This one above is pretty similar!

3. Stay Hydrated in Style

The recommended amount of water is a Gallon per mile, which is a litre and a bit per few kms. I drink heaps of water, so for a 3-4 hour hike I would say 2L plus would be adequate. I had a giant BPA free one that was great for travelling and keeping track of how much I consumed, and also if great for work to ensure I get my 2L per day!!

4. Leggings are Life

If you are anything like me, as well as living for food, I also live for comfortable clothing! Leggings are the best for walking, circuit classes, pilates, chilling at home…and hiking!! I lived in my Under Armour over in California, but I am dying for a pair of 2XU ones for Christmas,thanks Santa if you are reading!They are especially good for circulation and travelling (especially if you have a history of DVT like me). They are also super cute!

5. First Aid Comes First

Laugh all you want, but my first aid kit came in handy over the course of our hikes. I had a proper one, plus some extras of my own including some antihistamines, water purification tablets and tweezers just in case. These came are useful for falls, allergies and bites (on our second last day we came across a medical student who was stung by a bee without a first aid kit…Taylor to the rescue!)

6. Blow My Whistle

A whistle is a must, to attract attention, ward off bears and invite cursory glances from seasoned hikers unlike myself!

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