How to Land Your Dream Job in 5 Ways


It is impossible to be considered for, much less offered a role in an industry that you enjoy if you don’t put yourself out there and apply. Express your interest in roles even if there are no vacancies, ask around on blogs and if you have friends in the know, every little bit counts. We all have to start somewhere, and if you want to eventually become cabin crew, a pilot, or a CEO…you’ll have to start from the bottom. Whether that is working on the ground to end up in the sky or cleaning planes instead of flying them. Once you have your foot in the door in a company you want to work for long-term, the possibilities are endless and the only way is up! (literally)

2.  Stay Motivated

It can be hard to lose sight of your goals if they seem far away and unachievable. Break down your aspirations into a plan, then separate that down into manageable steps. Need to finish high school? Do that first! Uni degree looming? Stick to it! Finish anything outstanding that you may have, keep working hard and focus on what it important to you. I always make an “inspiration board” when I am applying for a new job, planning a holiday or a major life event. It keeps me motivated, my goals are literally in sight and it is  nice keepsake to reminisce back on once you achieve them.

3. Block out the Haters

There are always going to be people who are negative. Whether they are dubious or just plain jealous, don’t let them get you down. If you believe that you can achieve something, you will. It might take you a lifetime, it might take you a month. Either way, the journey is yours to navigate and you can take whichever path you choose. If you want to quit your job and hike around the wilderness, who are they to tell you no? Pick up and move to another country, learn another language, take up a new sport or apply for a new job. There is nothing and no one stopping you but yourself!

4. Prepare

You could be the most well dressed, eloquently spoken candidate in the room, but if you don’t know a drop of information about the company you are applying for, is there really any point in attending the interview? Aviation roles are not just about how you look. Yes, it pays to be groomed immaculately, but that is only half of the recipe for success. You need to be well versed in your field, confident, genuine and above all, authentic. There is no point being who you think the interviewers want to hire. They will see right through that. It’s about being yourself, and letting your personality and originality shine through your well polished exterior.

5. Keep Trying

If you don’t make it through the first time around, keep trying! Keep your options open, apply for other companies, and other roles. If it is a physical or medical limitation, there are ways around that too. It is all about how you perceive yourself and view yourself as a person. Certain roles have certain criteria for a reason (I of all people know that!) but there is always a way to either re apply, change courses and continue in the direction of your goals.


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