Summer + Sydney


I hope you’ve all had a lovely start to 2016  2017. Where has the time gone? It seemed like just yesterday I was recovering from my foot surgery and fantasising about going back to work and back to normal life- now it is a year on and exciting things are happening everywhere! James completed his degree, it was Christmas/New Year, my birthday (officially in my mid 20s now…) and I’ve been working had in the Lounge and in general to rack up some meaningful experience, some savings and some stories as well 😉


In the midst of all this work, I have been (responsibly) sun baking and swimming, in the pool and at the beach.I LOVE SUMMER! Part of our holidays were spent on little mini breaks in Broome and in Sydney, where we spent time with some of my gorgeous friends from my Dubai days. I am SO unbelievably lucky to have the opportunity and the reason to travel around to spend time with loved ones wherever they may be.

Here are some photos of the Summer that is now. Keep an eye on the next post for tips on how to snag the job of your dreams and make even those 4am starts sound desirable!

Happy Baking (sun or otherwise) and travelling!

Taylor x

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