Blissful Broome

Flying over the Kimberly

Flying over the Kimberly

As I reflect back on the last few months of travel and generally residing in airports (for work or otherwise)I realised that I have neglected to share our trip to Broome, in Northern Western Australia.  This trip was a spur-of-the-moment decision, as most good ones are! I thought, what better way to celebrate James graduating as a Civil Engineer from Uni than to hop on a plane and see a little piece of WA that we hadn’t yet explored together? Nothing! But many a trip could have been cheaper! Broome, for us, was as picturesque as it was pricey!


The day began like many of mine do these days: with the snafu of getting up! Blissful dreams broken by the alarm, springing out of bed, into my uniform and out the door. My suitcase was packed, travelling outfit was ready to go and my itchy feet (itchy for travel. I don’t have tinea) and I were at the airport reporting for duty in no time. A nice and productive day at work, and by 9am when I swiped off I was practically ready for bed!

Instead, I had a coffee, got changed, met James in the airport and we waited for our flight to Broome. It ended up being delayed by a few hours, but this is to be expected and the perks of travelling on staff travel far outweigh the unknowns of aviation! Even when you have been awake since 2am and patience is wearing thinner than the cheap stockings at Woolies that I hate wearing and always end up buying!

In flight we (read: I) had a chicken pie and a short nap in between bouts of reading. Once we arrived, we caught a short taxi to the Mangrove Hotel near the centre of Old Broome.

By the Pool

By the Pool

The hotel has been recently refurbished, and is full of clean lines, calm colours and a light and airy feel, giving the illusion that you could be in a secluded bay anywhere in the world, not in the middle of the Kimberly Region of Western Australia! Upon check in, it was bathers at the ready for a spritz and some tacos (kind of) by the pool. You aren’t actually allowed to eat directly next to the pool (a travesty if you ask me, in Dubai I got used to being able to eat and drink ANYWHERE- by the pool, in the pool, on the sand at the beach, in the middle of the sky- literally anywhere!) Drinks were had, tacos were eaten and tans were coming along nicely. James’, that is. I tan very easily, but since I had been at work (and out of the sun) I thought I would top up my tan with some artificial stuff- “fake it til you bake it” and this ended up being a sun repellent. I did not tan or burn at all, which is ideal during Spring/Summer in the harsh Australian sun!


That night, we had dinner at our hotel and then decided to go to the Sun Picture Theatre, which are the oldest moving picture gardens in the entire world! (Or so I am told). We watched a movie underneath the stars (and the nearby landing aircraft, and the fruit bats) and had a lovely time! We had walked to the movies because everything is so close, and even though James warned me, I did not think about the walk back! There is a fairly high percentage of unemployed local people in Broome, and they all seemed to be congregating in our path between the movies and our resort. After trying fruitlessly to hail a taxi (and being refused by one driver as it was too close) we decided to walk to our accommodation and hope that none of these spirited individuals didn’t want to speak to us! Luckily, no one offered more than a few friendly compliments and wished us a good night. A little mini adventure! There is nothing like making a few impulsive decisions to leave oneself and one’s boyfriend stranded without transport or a clue in the world how to make it back to one’s plushy hotel in peace. #firstworldproblems


The next day was spent relaxing, reading and exploring after a deliciously filling breakfast of Eggs Benedict. We decided to change flights to come home on the earlier flight so that we weren’t stranded so that a) I could be well rested for work (a must!) and that b) James could play Ice Hockey that night if he wanted to. Our second and final night of our staycation we went to Matso’s Brewery, who specialises in obscure beer crafting. I hate beer, but for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to order a lychee beer. I don’t know what came over me, and I didn’t enjoy it, not because it wasn’t nice, but because I simply do not like beer in the slightest and not even the refreshing zing of lychee could take that away! For the rest of the night, I opted for (alcoholic) Ginger Beer and in the 40 degree heat they went down a treat. We walked (in the safety of the setting sun) back to our resort.



Exploring Cable Beach

Exploring Cable Beach

There we had one pizza and then spent the rest of the night in our room in the air con, watching cartoons and polishing off the unnecessary snacks and wine that we had purchased. Actually, wine is always necessary but a $6 mini Mars Bar is not! You would think that after making a habit of avoiding hotel mini bars like the plague whilst flying as Cabin Crew that I would know better 😉



Romantic Roebuck Bay

Romantic Roebuck Bay


All in all, a splendid staycation in our home state, and a nice way to reconnect, recharge and revaluate goals and dreams. A couple hours flying in a metal tube will do that to you!


Happy Australia day to all Aussies near and far,

Safe and happy travels wherever you are!


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