Part of the Furniture


Lately, a more apt name for my blog seems to be “Volare- Learning to Call the Flights*” instead of “Volare- Learning to Fly!” I have only been on two (!) trips, which is more than some but next to none for me! These days I am more than content with my little domestic jaunts to visit friends and family, saving up my leave (and funds) for a bigger, further away trip at a normal time of year when James can get holidays…conveniently, along with the rest of the world! This might mean that staff travel will be a bit of bust, but a fulfilling adventure nonetheless 😉  I think is means I am growing up!

I am happy to finally announce to my online circle that I am now a permanent full-time fixture within the Lounges in Perth! This might not come as a shock to many of you, because that’s what it sounded like I was doing anyway!) but essentially, it means a few changes:

  1.  I am no longer on a secondment. This means that I am not being “borrowed” out to the Lounges as a semi- temporary fill in. Before, I was a Customer Service Agent that worked in both Domestic and International Check in and International A’s and B’s (Arrivals and Boarding). This meant that as well as the Lounges, I could be called upon to work at the Domestic or International Airport as needed. I could be doing anything from the check in counters, “on the floor”, Agent A (in charge of Boarding/Arriving the flight) or helping the Meet and Assist passengers, for example those who may need wheelchair assistance or a little extra time to board due to personal circumstances. Thankfully, I never drove to the wrong terminal despite all of my roster changes and shift variations. Phew! This meant that I was always kept on my (new, designer bionic) toes and of course thinking 5 steps ahead, as per usual! Old habits die hard 😉
  2. I am a part of the furniture. I feel like I am ALWAYS at work. I feel like I speak to Resources (our rostering team) more than I talk to James some days!  Hence the title of this post. Prior to this role, I was technically a part-time employee working full time hours. This did not mean much of a difference in terms of pay. We are paid hourly and with penalties for working around the clock regardless of being PT or FT. It does mean now, however, that I am working a minimum of 38-40 hours per week, like a “normal person”. The nature of my job is still shift work, which yes, I still love! The shifts are just longer and I don’t have to make so much of an effort to secure more hours, because they are already there! Anything above and beyond is overtime which is a lovely bonus, even if tiring and sometimes immune system debilitating.  (I am currently snuggled on the couch writing this with a cold- it seems the only time that I am able to find the time to write lately is when I am sick. Which, thankfully is not that often.) It has been hard to find the time (not through lack of trying) to write over the past month or so which brings me to my next dot point…
  3. I can now pay a mortgage! It might not sound very exciting to everyone, but I am STOKED to be able to pay a mortgage, because I have permanent, full time employment in a job that I love for a company that understands me 🙂 All of this is all well and good because I have (almost) bought an apartment! This is due to some hard work, good timing and the best 2 sets of parents in the entire world. My parents and my step parents are four the most generous, understanding, kind and honest people I know. We all have our ups and downs, but for the most part I am so lucky to have these guys in my life. So if you are reading (which I know you are!!!) THANKYOU! #BLESSED.
  4. I have more weekends off. In a FT Lounge roster, there are 7 weekly patterns that rotate. Out of 7 weekends, we only are rostered to work 2 of them! This means more time with James, my family, my animals and myself on the weekend to sleep, recuperate and recharge my relationships. Winning! We are also able to swap shifts of course, and I am always happy to help out my colleagues as most of them are lovely and help me when I need to swap. It honestly makes such a difference coming to work and working within a consistent team to form lasting and laughter filled relationships. It has not escaped me that this post is starting to sound like a cover letter- but I assure you, it comes from the heart 🙂
  5. I have more time to do my job. This means that when a passenger asks me to assist the with something- I can! I can pass on feedback, look into lost property matters, manage seats for flights in the future…even  post letters! I think I have posted about 7 letters in the past 2 shifts! It really is nice to have the time to fulfil my role properly!

* you know, because part of my job is to let you know when your flight is boarding!

This post is also called “part of the furniture” because I am in fact spending lots of my time looking at furniture and fun house things! More about my pretty little nest is to come! For now I will just keep snuggling and hopefully I can get back to working/organising/eventually travelling sometime soon!

Taylor x

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