Career vs. Vocation


Vocation; ” a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation ” or “a person’s employment or main occupation, especially regarded as worthy and requiring dedication”

Something that you might not know about me if you aren’t a long-time, or a real time friend is that I attended both a Catholic primary and (all girls) high school, which I adored! One of the focal points that we learnt in Pastoral Care was about Vocations. No, that’s not a typo, I don’t mean vacations (I think I am quite lucky to have had a few of those!), I mean like those light bulb “I was born to do this, this is my purpose” kind of moments in life that define our paths and consequently- jobs.

Throughout most of Primary School, and until I had the displeasure of attempting to decipher Chemistry, I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I put my poor first dog/love of my little 8 year old life, Baxter, through hell during various “checkups”, operations and surgical haircuts. I carried my Vet bag everywhere and often answered to Dr Katselas. I was convinced that I would become a Vet and own a practice in the lovely South West on the way to Margaret River. My dad would do the paperwork, my mum would do the cleaning and my grandparents the gardening. I would (obviously) primarily be the surgeon and head Puppy Cuddler. It was going to be amazing!

But, like I said, things changed and once I started to study animal science in the hope of becoming a Vet, I realised that I didn’t want to dedicate my life to learning or even attempting to understand chemistry, or to put down other people’s beloved pets. I did not have the stomach for death. I am not squeamish at all, but something about delivering bad news made me the most sad of all.

Fast forward some 13 years and I am nowhere near where I anticipated I’d be at the age of eight. I am working in a role that is dynamic, often challenging and every day is different. There isn’t a needle in sight! That, amongst other things, got me thinking about my vocation. I have come to the realisation that a career is something that you make, and build. It’s up to you if you treat your work as a job or as a path. Whether you are a cleaner, a waitress, a lawyer or a CEO, everyone has to start somewhere. My starting place happened to be flying. And now I am here, on the ground, firmly planted in a completely different realm from sticking my hands up cow’s bottom’s…and I couldn’t be happier. A “career” is;

” an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress”

So I suppose this is my career. I do believe that aside from my love of animals, perhaps one of my main reasons for wanting to pursue a career in veterinary science was so that I could help people (by helping their animals).

It might not seem like a very clear connection to you, but to me it makes perfect sense. My job as a Lounge Agent is to be flexible, versatile and adaptable, most of all to help others. From organising a Doctor’s appointment for a sick passenger to providing hygiene products, to helping someone change a seat or process an upgrade, or get their cat out of the cargo…my job is to be a little guardian angel and offer a smile, or even a hug, when it is needed. It might not be rocket science, or veterinary science rather, but it makes me happy to get out of bed and feel like I am an integral part of something bigger!

IMG_8972 2

In saying that, I recently has the pleasure of attending Brunch with someone very important- our CEO, Alan Joyce. It was all a bit of whirlwind. The day started out like any other, and half way through my shift, my manager approached me and said that she needed my help with something very special. I had absolutely no idea what was going on but I was happy to comply nonetheless!

It eventuated that I had been chosen to be an usher and represent the company at a media conference with the CEO and pose in some photos. We ended up being on the news! It was so exciting and motivating for me to meet and interact with someone of that level of importance within my workplace, who was so humble, genuine and FUNNY!

It was also an “unofficial” role as a member of the Promotions Team, who are basically operational staff that offer up their time to represent the company in a non-work related setting, often at a Cultural or Sporting event. I am hoping this eventuates into something more permanent with more opportunity to wear my uniform proudly and smile my face off!

I was not just excited about having my 5 seconds of fame (although that was pretty cool!), but also it felt like the universe was giving me a little sign to say “well done, you’re heading in the right direction!”. I was in the right place, at the right time, and I got to be a part of an exciting day of the unveiling of the new Transit Lounge plans, big talks of prospective future destinations world wide and lots of nerdy “plane talk” which I loved!

So that is what is going on with me work-wise! How are all of you? What would you say is your vocation? Any exciting trips going on? I went on a little Down South trip last week and stayed in the most charming Air Bnb- more to come soon!

Taylor x

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