Blogging for Success

On my down time I like to read (no surprises there!) but one of the things I most like to research is how others set and achieve goals, tips for success and just general knowledge sharing about the lives of others. I find it so interesting! Here are a few that I have been LOVING lately:


The Travel Hack

An article about how to be so busy being awesome that you don’t have time for other’s criticism. It’s such an honest and refreshing perspective and some great advice to take on board!

love do

The Best Employer in Australia

Here is a list of the “most desirable” employers in Australia. We must be doing something right!


Tumultuous Turbulence 

“Speed Bumps in the Sky” A super article from the Qantas Newsroom the explains turbulence! An interesting read, a must for any AV Geek or really any passenger at all 🙂

5 Important Lessons Most People Learn Too Late in Life

This is a fantastic blog to follow and great for a bit of motivational reading


9 Things Happy People Do To Stress Less

I definitely need to work on these but it’s good to know that I’m not alone!


5 Things to Focus of When You’re Losing Motivation

I am unsure whether I like the colour scheme of this blog more or the content, or the style… all are fantastic!!

Do you have any motivational mantras, blogs, pretty websites or thoughts to share? I’d love to hear them 🙂 x

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