Gnarly Gnarabup

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I recently had my friend Jane come and stay with me in Perth. I try to see my friends from Dubai a few times a year and although it feels like ages ago, we all caught up in during Summer in Sydney.  Some clever rostering and shift swapping later, Jane and I realised that our rosters aligned and we had the same few days off. She booked a flight, I booked our AirBnb and off we went to the South West!


After staying up until about 4am gossiping, we dragged ourselves out of bed for all of the important things (namely breakfast) and to get a head start on our 3-4 hour journey.  After a few pit stops, we were on our way to the Margaret River region of Western Australia. I have been to this region countless times before, yet every time I go it is different, which I love. It’s so diverse; every season is unique and has its merits. Summer is for paddle boarding, beach combing and crisp glasses of rosé. Winter is for blustery walks, hot coffees and robust reds. And that is exactly what we indulged in! The drive took longer than expected, due to the intermittent rain and the fact that I tend to slow down and get flustered on dual carriage ways…after a while I let Jane drive and then she basically drove for the whole duration of our stay! She is the designated driver of international proportions. Also I remember when I lived in Dubai I missed driving, and I know she does too. Smiles all around!

We stopped near the Yallingup Maze to take a photo of my favourite tree. In all honesty, I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but there happens to be a huge love heart painted in the centre and I adore it. So much so, that every time James and I visit, I make us stop and take a highly staged cringe-worthy couple photo. Jane didn’t mind being the fill in at all!After a few wrong turns (it wouldn’t be a Taylor trip without them) we arrived at the most gorgeous AirBnb I have ever laid eyes upon, Drift Hide Away.

Our hosts, Geraldine and Phil, have decorated their semidetached cabin like the inside of a mermaid’s treasure trove. It feels relaxed, beachy, cosy and fresh all at the same time, which is perfect! They left us a lovely note and some fruit, and we rushed out to catch a glimpse of the sunset over nearby Gnarabup Beach. It was equal parts freezing and magical!

IMG_9172After we set off to curb Jane’s Aussie pub food (chicken parmy) cravings. We ate at the Margaret River hotel, and after a mix up with the waitress (who bought us both some highly healthy grilled fish instead, no thank you) we ate our ginormous meals and rolled off back to the hideaway to literally drown our sorrows (about eating too much) in some chocolate and hide away. As you do.

In an attempt to kick start our metabolisms and kick Jane’s jetlag, we went for a huge walk from Gnarabup Beach to Surfer’s Point, which is about a leisurely 3km round trip. I know we are #blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in WA, but every time I see them they still take my breath away! There is something so calming about the ocean, the currents and the swirling seafoam that makes me feel insignificant and at peace!



IMG_3121Brunch and shopping followed, then was a meander almost off a cliff face to find Wyadup Rocks.


IMG_9325Last time I visited, I was a passenger and obviously not paying attention to where we were going. Also it was two years ago! I drove us precisely where we needed to be, promptly looked around (not hard enough and in the wrong direction) and then proceeded to retrace our steps and wind up on an off road adventure straight into someone’s driveway. Oops. When we finally did find what we were looking for, it was well worth the wait! I suppose it just goes to show that you should always trust your gut ans focus on what is literally under your nose.

Our last night was spent drinking and eating too much red wine and steak respectively, then eating too much pudding, then packing and setting alarms for an early start to catch a few rays at Smith’s Beach before heading back home for the all important food shop, family dinner and airport drop off! A whirlwind visit, our own layover of sorts but it was lovely to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the constant attentiveness and professionalism that is the very nature of Customer Service in the Aviation industry.


It was great to recharge my batteries, after being unwell and cooped up. I am glad that I took the time to enjoy nature a little, because it feels like I have been living at the airport (and not my new house!) since!

As always, safe travels and happy journeys!

Check out Airbnb because it is honestly the best way to travel, so easy, airy and breezy (pun intended!)

Taylor x


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