Watch and Wanderlust

Wandering about Wanderlust? A throwback to Florence circa 2008!

Seeing as we are in the process of planning (and list making, and spreadsheet compiling- both of us, not just me!) a trip to New Zealand next month, I decided to share some ways that you can prepare for a holiday, a big move or a little getaway (and get excited!) without actually going anywhere just yet*.

Watch Wanderlust-Inducing Movies!

There is nothing better (and cheaper) that switching off for a few hours and watching films that remind you of somewhere that you have been or somewhere that you’d love to go. My favourites are:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Roman Holiday

Into the Wild


Under the Tuscan Sun

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

New York, I Love You

Paris, Je t’aime 

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

An Affair to Remember

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

The Terminal

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (because we are going to NZ)

Also, can’t believe I am writing this: The Lord of the Rings.

It has been a long standing quarrel between James and I in our relationship. He doesn’t read, I do. He has seen the Lord of the Rings Movies over a million times, I have not. He wants me to watch them, and I will one day…but they are so long and I tend to fall asleep if “viewing time” begins too late. I have even suggested we watch them sometimes at like 4pm and every time I have he has declined! This will be a good test (to see if he reads my blog, which I am not sure he still does, seeing as I am at home now) James- if you are reading this, I will watch them before we go away!


You don’t have to be travelling to pack a suitcase! It’s always good to start stocking up on toiletries, make up removal wipes, hair things, socks, ect before you actually are going somewhere. That way, when it its time to head off, you don’t need to buy any thing and can travel at the last minute without a worry! It also doesn’t put a dent in your budget, either, buying flights, accommodation, a new coat and travel amenities.

Research with Instagram

I recently found myself searching for the location “Mount Cook”  via Instagram, after I came across a lovely post from the gorgeous Rachel of  Life With Three  It had never occurred to me that I should use Instagram as a research tool as well as an inspiration provider and mood booster! If you search the geographical location, and the hashtags, you can basically form a map/general idea about where you want to go and what you want to see (and if you are anything like me, the pictures that you will want to take!)  A post that might help is; How to Create the Perfect Itinerary on Travelettes

As someone who has flown as a passenger and as crew aboard an airbus, I found this Airbus article really interesting!

Collate Your Photos



I find a fun way to get excited about holidays future is to reminisce about holidays past (also another reason why I love sharing things on my blog!) Gather all your photos, print them out, create a mood board, a pin up board, frame them or simply just have them there  to look at. voila! Instant inspo and a nice little reminder of where you have been and where you are going.


A work in progress!

Last but not least- if anyone reading has some tips about what to do In Auckland, Christchurch, Mount Cook and Lake Tekapo, that would be great! I have only visited Auckland, and Waiheke Island very briefly on my layover a few years back. Read about that here  I have been asking passengers and people that I meet- it’s always great to get a local’s perspective! So please feel free to share them with me 🙂

Happy Planning!


*Also, my social media is filled with friends and followers who are touring Europe, taking mini breaks or on layovers. Sigh!

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