The Not So Subtle Art of Giving a F-


One of the coolest things about working in aviation (and something I took for granted very quickly) was sitting in a jump seat in the cockpit! If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t of been in that seat ūüėõ

So because I a) like books and b) have been inundated with passengers carrying this book into the lounge about 50 times a day, I decided to mirror the masses (and Chris Hemsworth) and buy this book to see what all the fuss was about! The first thing I did when I bought it was rip the jacket off. For some reasons, I HATE book jackets. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t ūüėõ

After ripping the jacket off to discover a matte black book with rose gold writing (well done Mark Manson, you have won me based on colour scheme alone) I then proceeded to read it in the airport car park because I was ridiculously early for work. As you do. I was filled with the¬†excitement that a new book brings only to avid readers… the crisp pages and that new books smell! Of course the first chapter, the first words were:


Well, that’s me gone, then! I thought. Because I am 100% a “trier”. I am constantly trying to be fitter, healthier, kinder, friendlier, happier…just more of everything basically. I am always applying for new opportunities at work, volunteer work sometimes..the list goes on! So when I read that, it felt like a bit of a slap in the face. As I continued to read. I became more and more agitated. I think I took everything far too literally. Many things in the book ring true, and the moral is to only give a ____ ¬†about things that matter to you, or give a ____¬†back. It is useful advice, that I believe that I could take on¬†board. That actually would’ve been useful to take on board whilst flying, and help me combat wanting to burst into tears every¬†time someone was rude to me or left their dirty tray (or children’s nappies) on the floor!

In saying all of this, the book has received worldwide publicity, due to celebrities reading it and the whole¬†network, from what I can see! Different individuals generate different perspectives from literature, whether self help, romance reads or Penguin Classics. My favourite English teacher once told me that it doesn’t matter what your point of view on a piece is, as long as you can back it up,¬†that is what truly matters! So whilst everyone else is losing their minds over this book, and it has some great points…I’m just not feeling it! I don’t give a ____¬†that I don’t like the book that everyone else gives a f***¬†about! I’ve taken what I can from it and decided that I am going to keep trying, and keep giving f***s. I like to try, to better myself, to challenge myself and to constantly have different projects, trips, ideas, snippets of writing on the go. Some might think that it’s excessive, draining and not necessary, and that’s fine!

Effort is attractive. If you want to be the best at something, you have to try! If you want to better yourself, you have to put yourself out there and TRY! For the right reasons. Maybe that is the whole point of it all. Sometimes people put others down out of jealously, fear or just closed mindedness! I am making a conscious effort not to do that! So I am going to continue to do me, and keep trying, and keep caring!

Here are some amazing little blogs that I have come across that are a nice, inspiration boosting, mood lifting reads! Enjoy x

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A neon sunset and some natives in my little office. Appreciate the little things!

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