Making the Move

I have two very important people in my life planning to move abroad very very soon! I am equal parts wistful for the adventures I know they will have, and also thankful for my own journey, too. In saying that, it astounds me how negative some people are being when they bring up their plans and share the exciting details of their impending departures. Why is it, that everyone is so desperate to drag others down, and be jealous and condescending rather than commend others on their bravery, courage and decision to be impulsive and follow their dreams?!

This is an open letter to anyone planning a big move or dreaming of a journey. You are brave, you are strong and you are doing the right thing. You’re feeling apprehensive and jittery…and that is all because you are doing the right thing! This will challenge you, and change you.

Home will still be exactly where you left it, as will the people you’ve left behind. Home is also where you make it. Your heart, all of the love in it and the people that you meet and the things that you do will become your home. The world isn’t that big, and with all of the travelling that you’ll do it will feel much smaller! Even if you go away, and change your mind and come straight back home again…you tried! Trying is better than not doing anything at all, and there are so many people who are proud of you for even thinking of doing this let alone living your dreams. I know you can do it, though. Remember to hold onto the things and the people that you love the most and anything that doesn’t make you happy (whether near or far) leave it behind. You don’t need that kind of emotional (or physical, for that matter) baggage.

Also, take it from me, excess baggage is expensive and cumbersome! There are a million things that could go wrong from this point forward, but you will get through it. And they can’t go wrong all at once! Karma can be a cow but she isn’t that rude! Take photos, souvenirs, memories and moments to appreciate. One day when you are old and grey these will be the relics that you bore your grandchildren with, and the ones that we’ll sit around laughing about. Relish every taste, smell, every scar and every word, because they will never happen the same way twice, just like the days that pass us by. I’m proud of you and I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing time spent with YOU!

Taylor x

2 thoughts on “Making the Move

  1. Hi Taylor! Thanks a lot for sharing this positivity and these encouraging words!
    Never stop dreaming big(ger)!

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