Wandering Waiheke


IMG_0147If you’ve been reading for a while (thank you!), you may remember that I visited Waiheke Island on my one and only multi-sector trip when I was flying. The trip was DXB-SYD-AKL, and my dad accompanied me and we went to the Island for an afternoon. The weather, on that visit, was pretty grisly ( you can read about it here!) but it was till lovely nonetheless!


Arriving into Matiatia Bay

This time, when I visited, it was with James and we had the whole day to explore! New Zealand really turned up the weather for us, as the sun was shining every day of our trip except the last one. It must’ve known we were coming home 😛 After a hearty and almost heart-stopping (SO MUCH CAFFEINE!) breakfast at the Federal Delicatessen, with bottomless brew (American style) coffee and real buttermilk griddle cakes, we were ready to walk to the harbour and catch the ferry!


Pretty shells on the cool, silver sand of Onetangi Beach



Two day-return adult day tickets will set you back about $70 NZD. Some might think this is a bit steep, but we were on holidays, the ride was so refreshing and the view so rewarding when we pulled into the jetty that it was worth it! We caught the #4 bus to Onetangi Beach, on the West Coast of the Island, that is renowned for being the most beautiful in the area. It was great for a crisp walk on the beach, which is exactly what we did! There was even a rope swing on a lone tree, which felt like it was just meant to be there!n Naturally, we mucked around a bit (a lot, we are just giant children really. Actually just James is, I am not “giant” anything. Except maybe my appetite, that is pretty giant!). I also hopefully captured some noteworthy Go Pro footage, that my videographer cousin Matty Loucas Visuals is going to magically create an awesome video out of!




A not-so-brisk waled ensued, up a massive flight of stairs to the Casa Miro winery, a Spanish (more typically Catalonian) themed winery, complete  with its own Park Güell- just like Gaudi’s.  It even had mosaics, which the owners ( a Doctor and a Lawyer, funnily enough!) are creating a wall out of! We had a wine “tasting”, which was heaven for our taste buds but not so much for our budget. It cost more than $100 for a wine flight each and some Jamon!


It was a very steep walk up to Casa Miro!


Sangria and Jamon! Food just seems to follow me everywhere!

IMG_0200I strongly recommend visiting the lovely wineries of Waiheke, but I would also ask if the tastings are complimentary or not first, after downing 8 very full small glasses of wine and having to pay for them! Also good if you are on a strict budget…luckily for us it was only the 2nd day of the trip and we hadn’t reached that threshold yet! That being said,the rosé was exquisite and the sangria was decidedly authentic. The remainder of our afternoon was spent walking along the beach, running after the bus, having coffee, dirtying my pristine boots and taking the “scenic route” (my idea) back to the jetty and almost missing the ferry! As Dr Seus says…Ah, the places you’ll go!



Coffee with a breathtaking view!

Dinner was a carnivorous affair (vegetarians need not read on) at the Angus Steak House, where you get to choose your own meat (various cuts of steak, a lamb rack or a pork chop) out of a fridge, pick it up, take it to the chef and tell them how you would like it cooked! A glass of wine and a few trips to the salad bar later, and it was all ready to eat! We definitely over ate, but it was worth it. The dinner cost less than the ferry, but it was all part of the experience of being immersed in a new city and having no idea what to eat or where to go beyond my list!

Next stop, Christchurch!

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