Inspirational Quotes like this are a nice pick-me-up

Lately, as I seem to embed myself into “adulting” and generally being a grownup-paying bills, going to work, saving for holidays, exercising, trying to see my friends, my family and the light of day  (I feel like day shifts have me seriously lacking in Vitamin D !) I have noticed that it is all too easy to be enslaved to this constant level of “busy-ness”. Too busy for exercise, too busy to tidy the house, too busy to cook, to clean, to visit your grandma or go for a walk. I too, can feel myself becoming increasingly responsibility- heavy and time poor, but I am making a conscious effort to make time for the things that have to matter and the things that I want to matter.

I have found that all it takes is getting up a little earlier in the morning when I have a day shift, or having a nap if I have a 4am start, or sleeping in when I have a night shift to get me to slow down, have a decent amount of sleep and make time to prepare for the next day and have me feeling better, and like I have more energy! Having a shift work role in aviation is basically like flying except you are on the ground, and, believe it or not, we still get jet lagged, to a certain degree! With flying, you never know what day of the week it is. With ground shift work, I am all too conscious of the day yet mostly too tired to do anything with it.

Puppies, friends and coffee make me happy!

In order to understand myself better, and to keep my mind active, I have been listening to the podcast “Happier” by Gretchen Rubin, a psychologist/writer that has developed a way of categorizing how people deal with expectations as a means of interacting with others.

I have learnt so much about myself, and those around me, just by taking this simple quiz and implementing Gretchen’s “Happiness Hacks” to make life a little easier and my commute “A Little Happier”. Podcasts are a great way to listen to books, or talks on topics that you love without the hassle of reading and watching material. It can become so tiresome listening to the radio or even music sometimes that the soothing sound of someone talking can transform being caught in traffic to a calm and informative oasis 🙂

I am also volunteering for some exciting new opportunities at work that certainly keep me motivated and involved within my workplace. It is nice to feel as though you are making a difference!

My own Happiness Hacks for this week have been:

  • Making a Gratefulness List every night before bed. A good way to appreciate the little things and let go of the ones that troubled you that day.
  • Exercising! Getting it over and done with early in the morning helps me feel like I can “relax” all day and conquer anything that the universe throws at me!
  • Preparing meals on my days off. I love to cook, and I love to eat. On my day off I made my famous Rainbow Lasagne, roasted veges and protein for lunches and also slow roasted pork belly! It felt so good to be prepared for the week and have the option to exercise, or to stay back at work or hang out with James or my family
  • I have been a book worm since I was little. Neither of my parents read. I devour books! I have been keeping a list of the books that I have read, even the ones that I have started and failed to finish. Anything that is not captivating for me still goes on the list, because I spent time on it and nothing is a waste of time! Another “Happiness Hack” I heard was to read at a time that suits me. Maybe not before bed, maybe as soon as I get up or while I eat or after work, that way my reading can fit in with my upside-down shift work schedule.
  • Taking Polaroids. This week all of the guests in my house have been subject to numerous impromptu Polaroid photo shoots. This is because I a) have lots of film left over from New Zealand and b) think that all moments should be remembered, not just the all-dressed-up going out, going on holidays moments. It’s like keeping a journal without the writing, for me.
  • Writing! My blog isn’t the only forum where I write, I am a guest contributor at a few websites including Go Cabin Crew’s “Cabin Crew Travels with Taylor”  and Travelettes. It can be challenging to navigate life and me “side hustle” one day I aspire to publish a book or a column, but I am making the time to nurture my blog and harness my passion into something more fruitful. Hopefully bigger things are in the pipeline, with a bit of persistence and lots of paper I am sure I will get there 🙂

Flowers make everything better!

This has been an update “About Me” and how I like/strive to make my weeks “Happier”. I’d love to hear your thoughts on happiness, mindfulness, travel, or anything at all. I love when followers contact me and give me a little inspiration boost 🙂 feel free to email, Instagram Direct Message me @taylorkatselas or comment here.

Wishing you happy travels*,


*virtual and real!

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