What NOT To Pack


A logical assumption (given my travel background and the direction that my career is headed in) would be that I am an excellent packer. I give people tips about what to pack! What to eat and what to drink, where to go, what I saw and absolutely everything in between! Unfortunately, my packing habits much resemble those of a Real Housewife in the middle of a divorce. Quick! Take EVERYTHING!


My thought process goes something like this “what if I dirty my 7 pairs of jeans? What if we go somewhere nice and I want options of what to wear? What if the weather changes? What if there is a typhoon?”  And I therefore end up over packing by about 5 kilos and 20 outfits; only to fling them all onto the bed (along with myself) in a huge pile and complain that I have “nothing to wear” …and sulk. Cue shopping trip, spending half my spending money and still not feeling prepared! Is that anyone else? Or just me? I have to admit that my days of “smart packing” are well and truly over. I once packed for a 12 day trip to Vancouver (AND Whistler) in a standard issue Cabin Crew Cabin Bag and a Victoria’s Secret overnighter. Admittedly, this bag broke in transit and I arrived in Vancouver, sweaty, disheveled and looking rather homeless with my downtrodden Victoria’s Secret bag shoved into a cardboard box. Victoria’s Secret is that she does NOT hold ski gear.

So, instead of offering pearl s of wisdom about how amazing I am at packing for city breaks (which would be a lie) here is, in my experience, what NOT to pack!

·         New Additions

Don’t you just love that crisp, new white shoe feeling?  I do! Somehow it is not the same when your fresh new kicks are stained with the inside of last night’s blisters. Save the shoes (and your feet) for when you’re not travelling at home so you have the luxury of being able to change your shoes whenever! The same goes for new jeans. My logic was that all of my holiday eating would encourage my new (staff travel appropriate jeans) to stretch! Unfortunately, this was not the case. I felt frumpy, restricted and uncomfortable. Not that Instagram would portray this, of course!

·         Zero Going Out Clothes

It is ironic how perfectly I packed for my Yosemite trip last year. Probably because it was a hiking holiday and there was only one combination of outfits needed. But I STILL packed a going out top “just in case”. This logic didn’t carry over to our recent trip where I was so over packed the day we left that I took James’ advice (rookie error) and culled my clothing. I ended up travelling for 10 days in one of the most up-and-coming hipster cities in the southern hemisphere with  only a pair of Timberlands (scratched and stained by actual hiking), a pair of Hunter wellington boots (worn once) and a pair of lifestyle sneakers (not suitable for exercise). Oops. In the end I went to lots of nice restaurants and fancy dinners in jumpers and boots. Very unlike me. I did, however, fee slightly better that some of the tourists in our resort  wore their pyjamas and uggs to dinner…

·         Too Many Books

Enough said. I am a bookworm. I packed 4 novels and bought 3 on a 10 day trip. I can’t say I will ever become a kindle convert but I definitely over packed in the books area!

So. There you have it! Wear in your new items before your trip (stop saving them!) and always pack some fancy clothes “just in case”. If all else fails, you’ll come home looking fresh AF because your dirty clothes are all of the everyday ones and your clean outfit will be insta-worthy for sure!

An apt photo description of how it sometimes feels when packing- heavy and overwhelming!

This has been a a catch up post. Looking after my mum who is recovering from surgery takes up my days and work has been taking up my nights! I have also been trying to fit some exercising and cooking in too, and voilá! There goes another few weeks, flying by! I hope everyone is having a lovely week- we are in the midst of planning a quick getaway soon to Melbourne (again!) for a special occasion!

And, just in case no one has told you today…

 Have a great week! As always, safe and adventurous travels!

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