4 Healthy Habits for Shift Workers

It should be known that whilst I try to be as healthy as I can, I am all about balance. And donuts. And champagne! 3C7BD93E-4AA7-4492-B7E3-92009928CAA3


Do you know how many of my colleagues laugh at me when I stroll into work (or even onto an aircraft) with a fully packed gourmet* meal? I pack snacks, a main meal (2 if my shift/flight stretches longer than 4 hours) and plenty of water, vitamin effervescent tablets, bone broth powder, herbal tea bags, Vegemite…everything! It is important to be prepared in case of delays, shift/flight time changes or even if you are just hungrier than usual! I always have a snack as soon as I get up, whether it is a piece of fruit, toast or even a juice or coffee. Just something to line my stomach and wake my sleepy brain up! If not I am grumpy and could be portrayed as “rude” because I am 100% HANGRY!



Drink as much water as you can, flavour it with fruit or herbs (mint, parsley) to make it extra tasty and go down, well, like water!  A dehydrated crew member is an unhappy crew member. Aircon=death for skin and eyes. Drinking your body weight in water keeps you active (moving to use the rest room) and hydrated and reduces the risk of jet lag and feeling tired after work (I know it!).


As my family and friends will vouch for me, I am a champion over achiever and over- committer.  I commit to extra shifts and responsibilities at work, to exercise classes,  to coffee with friends, to visiting my grandma, to babysitting, to dog walking to cooking and cleaning and…you get the picture. I am not a “put it off til later” type. I am a “I will get this all done before I sit down” type and end up running out of time (and daylight). This past week I have been feeling slightly under the weather, so I have cancelled all exercise classes and responsibilities (apart from work- I have been cleared to go to work, but not exercise, or over-do it!) in favor of a little rest and self love.

Self Care- Saturday


In order to be fighting fit for work, and life, one needs to respect oneself. I thought I was respecting myself when I did 90 minutes of intense cardio and then had a magnesium salt bath and ate a burger #balance. Alas, it was not, it was more self- torture as I had consumed copious amounts of champagne the day before at my friend’s wedding. Then had minimal sleep, went to work, worked my bottom off and then did 90 minutes of soul crushing cardio and then followed up by a 12 hour day and then a night of socializing with my cousins. Although it wasn’t a late night, it only occurred to me just now that if I had stayed up until 3am, I would’ve been awake for 24 hours straight, for no good reason! This isn’t respect! To counteract this, I spent all of Saturday at home (after we went out for a big, greasy breakfast), pottering, attempting to draft pieces and posts, went for a walk and prepared a plan for the week ahead. I am a massive fan of The Blissful Mind, where I have been using Catherine’s planners and guides to get back on track and focus on “me” and my self care. I am also embarking on the 7- day Mindfulness Challenge. Wish me luck!

Introducing Remy the Rescue!

I also read an article that said that “Having a Pet is the Best Form of Self Care“. I couldn’t agree more! I have just adopted a dog from the RSPCA, and her name is Remy. She is a puppy- 5 months old- and came from a less than perfect setting. I have only had her for a few days but she is a little ball of happiness! I am hoping to give her the life that all dogs deserve- one of luxury and love! Posts and pieces have kind of been pushed to the wayside in favour of caring for Remy, and getting her into a routine. It sounds silly but I want to give her a nice life and let her feel safe so that she grows into a good, social. placid dog. I  don’t know how parents do it- caring for a puppy is challenging enough for me!

If pets aren’t for you, find your Self Care “thing” and stick to it- sport, cooking, Netflix (if you have to) and make sure you put aside time for you!

Hope everyone has a lovely, healthy, happy, self loving week!

Taylor x

Self Care Action 1: Play with baby goats

Self Care Action 2: Soak Up Some Sun at the Beach! 

Self Care Action 3: Drink Champagne with your Friend at her Wedding!


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