My Day on a Plate: Work

An ideal breakfast for me: Green Juice and Smashed Avocado on Toast

Fact: I am a bit of a nerd, and currently am becoming an Occupational Health and Safety Advocate at work, and this past week has been 2017 “Safety Week”. Physical and mental well being are a part of safety too, especially when working around the clock!  This is what we learnt and even though I already do/know most of these things- it it nice when your good habits are reaffirmed!

I have a few Go To Recipes that I either prepare ahead, or put the contents in the slow cooker if I have a 4am shift, so by the time I am home after 12pm dinner is ready and I can relax and have a nap!

A light, healthy lunch for me!

Night Shift Menu

Light Breakfast 7:30am: Omelette with mushroom, spring onion, spinach and cherry tomatoes

8am-4pm: Sleep (as much as you can)

Main Breakfast 4:30pm: Porridge with low fat milk, banana, cup of tea/coffee

Evening Meal 7:00pm: Skinless chicken breast stir fry, with plenty of vegetables, brown rice and lots of water to drink with it.

9pm: Start work

Light Snack 11:00pm: Piece of fruit, low fat Greek yoghurt

Light Meal 3:30am: Multigrain sandwich with turkey and salad

Light Snack 5am: Snow peas, carrot sticks, low fat cottage cheese

7am Finish Work

Early Shift Menu

Main Breakfast 5:00am: Porridge with low fat milk, banana, cup of tea/coffee

6am: Start Work

Breakfast 9am: Fruit Toast with low fat ricotta

Lunch 12:00pm: Multigrain Wrap with Turkey and salad

3pm: Finish Work

4pm: Small snack of vegetable sticks and low fat hummus

Evening Meal 6pm: Skinless chicken breast stir fry, with plenty of vegetables, brown rice and lots of water to drink with it.

8pm: One hour before bed, piece of fruit and low fat yoghurt

Home Made Cauliflower

Healthy Snack Ideas

  • Vegetable Sticks and Low Fat Cottage Cheese OR Hummus
  • Low Fat Yoghurt Sweetened with Fresh Fruit or Honey
  • Boiled Eggs (our Lounge Favourite!!)
  • Handful of roasted unsalted nuts and dried fruits
  • Multigrain crackers
  • Wholemeal toast/avocado
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • Raisin toast (with butter, not margarine)

Circadian Rhythms

  • Circadian Rhythms are the times when your body naturally feels awake and sleepy.
  • Generally, our bodies are more alert when the sun is up, and more relaxed when it is down.
  • We respond to the change in light with Melatonin levels.
  • Your body temperature is generally a few degrees warmer during the daylight hours in order to keep you awake!
  • In the night and early morning, your body temperature is generally a few degrees cooler to facilitate rest and sleep.
  • It can be hard to make healthy choices at work, particularly when eating alone and there aren’t many healthy options at the airport.

Side Effects

Short Term

  • Digestive Upset
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased Quality of Life
  • Increase in Risk of Injury
  • Generally Feeling Unwell

Long Term

  • Obesity/Being overweight
  • Mood disorders/ depression
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, stomach ulcers)

Fuelling Our Bodies

  • 5+ Serves of vegetable/legumes/beans
  • 2 serves of fruit
  • Try to eat a small snack within one hour of waking up
  • Have a main meal (largest or second largest meal of the day) before your shift commences
  • Pack healthy snacks for your breaks

Gluten Free, sweet potato Gnocchi with a side of Ralf

Naughty but nice burger- it’s all about BALANCE!

Also, fellow shift workers- do you have any tips for managing eating/flying/shift work? I’d love to hear them!

Yummy travels and happy days,

Taylor x


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