Flemington Flair

This week, James and I were lucky enough to synchronize our rosters and days off with each other, and our good friends, to travel to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup! We usually attend events in WA, but this year we went to Flemington to embrace the Spring Racing season…all in the name of celebrating a friend’s birthday!

After working 3 consecutive weekends in a row, with minimal days off and back-to-back night shifts, I was thoroughly ready for a large glass of wine and a big, long sleep in my own bed. That was not the case, as shortly after my shift ended I raced home to finish packing, before we knew it I was back at work (this time to fly out) and on the plane and ready to go!

We had a squishy and cold journey over to Melbourne, and by the time we arrived it was freezing cold and barely morning. We checked into our hotel, went to sleep and I woke up feeling marginally better. It was then time for breakfast with the others, followed by shopping and a nap for me. I calculated that I hadn’t slept more than 3-4 hours in a row through the week! Not the best start to the trip! When we woke I went with the boys to a few bars, then met up with the girls to go to Chin Chin for dinner. From what we can recall, it was lovely! I woke up feeling a bit dusty on Tuesday morning, but was still excited to have my hair and makeup done nonetheless!

Flemington Racecourse itself is lovely, and full of seasonal peonies and roses. Even just the general admission areas were lovely and picturesque, and apart from the lovely tents, my favorite part was the area containing the stalls of horses being warmed up and cooled down before/after racing. It was so interesting to see such powerful and graceful animals up close!* It was a partly cloudy day, and we almost got rained on a few times, but that didn’t dampen our spirits in the slightest! After the races we met up with friends at the Crown and spent the evening looking glamorous and people watching those who were a bit more dishevelled then ourselves. I am glad to report that it wasn’t any of us picking ourselves off the floor!


Our final day was relaxing and tiring as all of the excitement of the past few days caught up to us! After a few hiccups with flights we ended up leaving on a much later, low coast carrier and poor James was squashed into a seat the size of glove box for almost 5 hours. Alas, that is part and parcel of the perks of travel! We have both been at work for the past few days and are certainly feeling more than a little sleepy. This weekend (off-yay!) calls for a big sleep in, strong coffee and much bacon!

The gang looking much more dressed up than we usually do!


I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what I’ve been up  to lately! Basically, attempting to manage being a successful adult, trying to make the most of my benefits at work and also making time for ME!


Happy self-love Saturday,

Taylor x


* some horses got a little too comfortable for our liking…the eggplant is for modesty 😂



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