New Year, Same Me

As mentioned in my previous post, I was fortunate enough to have the 23rd and 24th of December off to have spent time with my family, and I was working on the 25th of December!

This is no irregular occurrence for me, and like many other people working in shift work roles, or in hospitality or leisure sectors, the time that everyone else spends on holidays is often the busiest time of our year. I kept hoping for some kind of Christmas Miracle (to be stood down, or to have my shift changed to a 4am which is all I asked Santa for) but it was not meant to be. On Christmas Eve (Eve) we had a party and went out for some drinks, and on Christmas Eve we did some last minute present wrapping and preparing for a big Danish Fare at my Aunty’s House as my Grandad is Danish.

It was delicious and lovely to spend time with my extended family in honour of Christmas!

I woke my family up early so we could exchange gifts..the dogs just wanted to play!

The next day, I woke bright and early at 5:30am to exchange gifts with James and Remy, and as per usual, I was spoilt! After that it was onto my dad’s house for a quick coffee and for me to wake everyone up again and exchange more gifts! My brothers were not impressed…

Even Remy was tired…

I arrived at work feeling refreshed, cheerful and ready to spread some joy in the form of homemade cookies. I haven’t worked on Check In since more than a year ago, but I took my cookies and my big smile and made the most of seeing old friends and meeting new faces. The flow of customers was steady and I was busy enough so as not to question my life decisions (namely why I was stacking tubs for people’s checked in baggage instead of sipping a Spritz in the pool- gotta love an Aussie Christmas!).We were even lucky enough that work put on a delightful Christmas Lunch for all the staff, with roast and all the trimmings, including Christmas Pudding! We were assisting on Check In so that everyone could eat their lunch.

I always say that I love my job (and I certainly do) but the two weeks over Christmas/New Year always seem to be the hardest as it feels like the whole world is on holidays! In saying this, I am happy to have worked my usual five day week, to have seen all my colleagues and regular customers and to have the weekend off once more! I am working on New Year’s Day again- James’ Birthday- but someone has to!

Merry Christmas from Us to You!

I suppose the point of this post is to highlight that if you see the positives, and really do not take your family or work life for granted, you are luckier than you know! That it what I mean by New Year, same me! I am looking forward to sleeping in, exercising and eating less this weekend, and shall return to work fresh as a daisy on January 1st at 4am!

Thank you all for reading, and for your support this year. It has been a year of growth and change, with becoming a Full Time Lounge Agent, buying my apartment, adopting Remy (both impossible without the best sets of parents ever) and having a few trips here and there along the way. My most notable achievement this year is becoming a regular contributor for Cabin Crew Wings. I look forward to writing, flying, and working more in the New Year!

One of my Christmas presents was a basket for my bike! From now on we shall be riding everywhere 🙂 WITH A HELMET


Happy New Year,



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