Aurous Autumn


As the sun was setting on the last evening of summer, in golden light surrounds, a thought gleaned through my mind… I have actually been upholding my 18 for 2018! I have been taking Remy to the beach at every opportunity possible, and making the most of the warm nights by riding around the lake near my house every Sunday with my dad. It’s these simple little things, coupled with acts of self-care that have helped me to relax on my time off, and come back to work refreshed and ready to embrace the challenges of welcoming the new Dreamliner to Perth. These include -believe it or not- cutting out alcohol and delicious but disappointing carb and exercising more regularly than usual.


Perth Domestic Airport also be facilitating the handful of International services that are now operating from Terminal 4 here in Perth. Evolving from what was purely a Domestic terminal, blossoming into a metropolis of tourism, a hub for Australians and Europeans and every one in between! There are very exciting times ahead!

My head has been agog with learning new routes, new codes and new procedures for our Transit Lounge and how to access the new International area of the airport. It sounds simple but it is imperative to ensure you are taking the correct route, and not breaking any Border Force, Bio Security or Aviation laws in the process. On the topic of work, I am thrilled to announce that I am now a member of the Promotional Team (officially!) and I will be attending a training course over east in the coming months. This will effectively cover representing my company as a Brand Ambassador. I am currently trying to juggle days off, and organise my roster to attend. I am beyond excited to see our headquarters at Mascot, as well!

Aside from airports and aircraft, my hobbies have been filling my time, which is a welcome change. I have taken the time to redecorate our courtyard balcony, adopted some more plants (indoor and outdoor courtesy of my grandparent’s garden), have been cooking up some healthy recipes, including healthy banana bread and clean chicken parmigiana!

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Healthy Banana Bread: Recipe from The Wholesome Child 

We also attended a gala with my parents to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research in Australia, for the charity that my friend founded called Face Up to MS. We had so much fun getting ready, bidding in the silent auction and dancing the nigh away!

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One Night in Monte Carlo- Face Up to MS

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My Mama bear and I!

I have also been reading more (almost as much as when I was studying at Uni and reading 4+ books a month…for education AND enjoyment!). I thought I might share my reading list with you all seeing as I have since branched out from my airy fairy, chick-lit genres and am embracing more serious, thriller titles instead! Here is what I have added to my list so far;

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  • Still Me, Jojo Moyes: The third and final book following Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You” and “After You”. The first book made me cry and the movie was no different! I am almost done with this one and I can assure you there have been no tears but I have been laughing to myself a lot. Which I love!

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  • Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur: This book actually came to me by chance, in the form of the Save the Children book donation shelf we have at work. Staff bring in their unwanted books and others can raid the shelf for a gold coin donation! A few of my favourites have come to me this way. It is a nice way to feel as though karma is coming through! The book itself is very poignant and I feel as though you have to be in the right mood to read it. The poems are very real and confronting, but they evoke such a strong emotional response that I feel as though I might need a strong cup of tea (or glass of wine?) to read the whole thing in one sitting!

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  • 168 Hours, Laura Vanderkam: My copy of this gem has been newly re-jacketed as a limited-edition by Kikki-K. It is all about how people misconstrue their use of time. I find it good to just pick up and dive into every now and again. It gives me a little happiness booster every time I read it, and helps me realise that you CAN do it all if you just focus on what is important to you, and stick to it!
  • The Choice, Samantha King:  This was my holiday splurge at the counter at Target along with my praline “reading chocolates” that I have now replaced with dates as I am being super healthy. It is about a mother of twins who is piecing together the ruins of her memory (and life) after a harrowing accident. It sucked me right in and I read it in two days flat!
  • The Girl Before, JP Delaney: This book is one of the best that I have read in a long time. It came as a recommendation from a passenger (who later loaned me the book!). A psychological thriller, this took me only a couple of days, as well. I am also happy to report that since James has moved in I feel much more comfortable reading crime- thriller novels which is helpful!

My spectacularly cosmopolitan girls from Dubai have been coming to visit sunny old Perth all Summer, and the weather did not disappoint!

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I have of course been keeping up with my additions to Cabin Crew Wings, be sure to check them out (along with some interview style pieces) here. To accompany these, I have had some portraits taken by the amazing Matty Loucas Visuals, who is available for freelance photography / videography jobs in Australia, and as as of mid-year, Europe! See his work here.


Getting Creative in front of (and behind) the lens!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Taylor x

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