Joining the Promotions Team


Standing by the Airbus Engine at Headquarters

It had been a hectic couple of days in Sydney, beginning with an inflight emergency (rapid decompression) followed by a busy weekend with interstate friends and ending with an action filled Development Course  in Sydney for the 2018 Promotions Team.


My colleague Travis and I checking out the Service Training Cabins!

The Promotions Team is comprised of staff from all areas, states and countries of the business. We are staff who volunteer ourselves to represent Qantas at a variety of stakeholder events. The role itself could be anything from hosting guests, registering them for an event, posing for photos or simply standing, smiling and giving assistance/ directions as required. Much like my role in the Lounges now! We spent most of the morning getting to know one another, dining on sumptuous snacks, including breakfast (an omelette for me) and having grooming touch ups to ensure we were “Style on Q” ready for our photoshoot. The photo shoot was slightly daunting, because it’s not every day that you get dressed up in your uniform to have your photos taken- but this is and will continue to be part and parcel of being a member of the Promotions Team. The two day event was full of listening, learning, networking and polishing- polishing of grooming, polishing of shoes and of course- brushing up on polices and product knowledge!

We have learnt lots about the different agencies the Promo Team is involved with, events that we support and the key stakeholders. This even includes at a corporate Group Management Level and getting to know who we will interact with. It has been such an interesting and eye opening experience, which I not only feel lucky to be here in Sydney for (given our inflight scare), but actually part of a company that supports and encourages its people to be involved! It is a testament to Qantas, to have a team of nearly 200 strong to volunteer be in uniform, and represent the company that they love to work for, in their own time.


All smiles!

Day 1: After a few grooming finishing touches (hair spray akin to a weather proof helmet), we had our official Promotion Team photos taken. These are essentially head shots and a full body shot to show who we are and what we look like, in order to make it easy for clients  to choose the members from the Team that they would like to have at the event (e.g. many events are aimed at a certain age group!).

We have come to the Centre of Service Excellence (affectionately known as CoSE). To familiarise ourselves with the latest and greatest product offerings This reminded me of my time at Emirates Training College (now known as Emirates University), particularly for Service Training. The large, circular room known as the “Piazza” at CoSE features a central stage area, surrounded by pods that focus on different learning areas. These are

  •         My Story- about Qantas and how it came to be
  •         Economy Products and Services
  •         Business Class Products and Services
  •         First Class Products and Services
  •         Grooming and Image
  •         Lounges and Wellness Centres
  •         Jetstar Product Offerings
  •         Qantas Loyalty
  •         Social Media Tips and Tricks

After networking and getting to know one another, it was then time for lunch (gourmet-and gluten free for me!) and then made ourselves comfortable for a busy afternoon of networking and absorbing knowledge.

Many a curious colleague has asked “Why bother?”

For me personally, I missed out on being a Business Promotions team member with Emirates (for being too short- don’t ask!), and I have always liked to take (and be in) photos. When I was little, I went to modelling/deportment classes which were great because I was so shy! They really helped me to come out of my shell 🙂  Also this is a great opportunity. I know this post sounds like a cover letter, but this role is also a great career building block, and adds to the depth of my resume, as well as being a fun and new experience, a great way to gain exposure for Qantas and compliments my own personal “brand” too!




I am very much looking forward to attending events in the upcoming months, and I shall keep you updated both on here and Instagram. I am currently thinking of making a specific Instagram for my blog, but I am undecided…


I was stoked to receive a goody bag at the end of the course, filled with Qantas themed gifts, but most exciting of all….FIRST CLASS IN FLIGHT PYJAMAS!


Anyway, safe and (hopefully not decompressed) travels,


Taylor x

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