Le Diner En Blanc

At the beginning of the month, James and I attended Le Diner En Blanc or “the White Dinner”.

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Head to Toe White

It is a French movement that started more than 30 years ago, with the first event being held at the Eiffel Tower. Participants dress head to toe in all white (including shoes) and bring a small picnic table, two chairs, a white table cloth, linen napkins and real crockery and cutlery to sit down for an evening of formal fun!


Our Dinner

The catch? Well, you have to pay for it AND the whole event is a complete surprise! Patrons don’t even know where they will end up in their chosen city until they actually get there! We met at a group closest to our area, and caught public transport to the city with the rest of the groups around us. It was a Sea of White at the Train Station! I can’t even remember the last time I caught the train, but it was hilarious and hard (carrying all of our stuff, or rather, watching James carry it) but completely worth it!


My handsome Dinner Date (dressed in all white- he felt like he was in the Bahamas)

After arriving at the secret destination (Yagan Square) we quickly setup our tables, with men seated on one side and women on the other. The area was filled with rows and rows of long, white, elegantly dressed tables featuring eloquently dressed people to match. The evening starts with a Napkin Twirling to a French Song, and then dinner begins. After two hours of eating, sparklers GIANT are passed around and we lit them as Katy Perry’s “Firework” started being played by the live orchestra! Then we all got up and made the most of the party.

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I must admit, it was very Gatsby. There were people using fairy lights as skipping ropes, a conga line, and mini parties going on everywhere! There were swings, champagne tents, a dance floor and lots to see and do. It was like a circus! If you have the opportunity to attend a Diner en Blanc, I strongly suggest you buy a ticket, get all dressed up and prepare for a great Night in White!


Yagan Square by Night

Taylor x

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