10 Benefits of Shift Work

Sometimes, I make these lists to genuinely showcase the positives about having a flexible roster and lifestyle.

Other times, I make them in my head to keep myself awake, and remind myself why it is that I get up in the middle of the night (aka stupid o’clock) to come to work before the sun rises, or to leave long after it sets. Either way, it rings true and I hope it makes you laugh (and consider taking a role that has odd hours!)

10 Benefits of Shift Work

  1. Every day is different.
  2. A rotating roster means you ‘ll never feel complacent. One week you might stay up until 2am, and others you will be waking up not long after that. I can assure you that whilst your sleep may suffer, you’ll never get bored!
  3. Time. You have more of it! Well, I feel like I do anyway. You have the ability to embrace the quiet. I can go to F45 when the classes are empty, conquer all my little jobs around the house at my leisure  and not to mention go to the shops when it is quiet, too!
  4. Your pets will love you! Odd shifts mean you are home throughout the day and night when you might normally not be home. Welcome the cuddles and spend some time with you furry friend.
  5. Your family will love it. You can spend time with loved ones you wouldn’t usually see if you had a 9-5. I have been able to visit, catch up, pick up from school and everything in between.
  6. More time= an opportunity to work on your side hustle, project or relax.
  7. Penalty rates! Waking up early and staying up late means we are compensated for our lack of sleep. No complaints here! We make the majority of our paycheck from odd shifts and minimum turnarounds. Also we are rewarded more for working on our days off.
  8. Flexibility. I have been #blessed with the opportunity to work more, to work less, to swap shifts and to tailor your roster to suit me!
  9. Staff travel. Need I say more? Obviously not all shift work has staff travel but mine does and I am eternally grateful!
  10. It’s unique! I might grumble a bit first thing in the morning, but I am lucky to be in the position that I am. Once I have had a coffee, had a chat to my friends and checked my emails, I am more than ready to take on the world (or the day’s passengers) and deliver the best service possible.

In light of number 10, I’d like to share some feedback from a passenger. Last week, I felt a little bit tired, and not particularly like being at work but I made sure to act how I wanted to feel (effervescent) and not how I actually felt (exhausted). The feedback was something along the lines of thank you for my knowledge, service and friendly demeanor 🙂


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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Early starts= early finishes to spend time in the sun, with my pup! 

It just goes to show that if you are genuine and try to be positive, good things will come your way. Seeing as I work in Customer Service (which is essentially what flying is- just in the sky, served with a smile and a side of safety!) I make sure to always submit feed back if someone has gone above and beyond, because it makes such a difference to that person’s day, career and mood when they receive praise!


Happy shifts,

Taylor  x





One thought on “10 Benefits of Shift Work

  1. 100% agree, im in the airline buisness aswell and used to work shifts… the only thing ill add is ( additional shift pay). However shift work is alot easier for travelling and holidays…

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