My Year So Far, in Books

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Not all of them are pictured here: some have already been borrowed out to fellow book nerds!

It seems as though I am always posting about my latest reads, but I am yet to actually share my actual opinions on such books. The only notable exception is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F-”, because I actually could not stand to read more than a couple of chapters. It isn’t a bad book, but it is by no means is it my literary cup of tea!

With that being said, I have read 24 books so far this year. That is approximately three per month, and according to my sources (various blogs) CEO’s read around about 3-4 books per month. It seems I am well on my way then 😉

  1. Hope in A Ballet Shoe- Michaela De Prince
  2. The Choice- Samantha King
  3. Behind Her Eyes- Sara Pinborough
  4. The Break Down-BA Paris
  5. The Perfect Girlfriend- Karen Hamilton
  6. The Tattooist of Auschwitz- Heather Morris
  7. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman
  8. Still Me- Jojo Moyes
  9. I am Malala- Malala Yousoufazi
  10. 168 Hours- Laura Van Der Kam
  11. The $1000 Project- Canna Campbell
  12. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter- Kim Edwards
  13. Small, Great, Things- Jodi Piccoult
  14. The Other Women- Nicola Moriarty
  15. The Break- Marian Keyes
  16. The Girl With a Clock for a Heart- Peter Swanson
  17. My Sister’s Bones- Nuala Ellwood
  18. Everything I Never Told You- Celeste Ng
  19. Cross Her Heart- Sarah Pinborough
  20. Love the One You’re With- Emily Giffin
  21. Little Fires Everywhere- Celeste Ng
  22. Swimming Lessons- Claire Fuller
  23. The Woman in the Window- AJ Finn
  24. Everything We Ever Wanted- Emily Giffin

I’m going to pick my favourite six. Anyone who knows me personally will appreciate the difficulty of this , seeing as my books are like my plants or Remy. They are very well looked after, receive a lot of attention and are the subject of many a Instagram post! Really, they are like my children.

In the order that I read them in;

  1. The Perfect Girlfriend- Karen Hamilton

This page-turner is a must for anyone working in the airline industry. As one of those individuals, it simultaneously chilling (and thrilling!) to watch this narrative about a crazy ex- girlfriend unfold in a setting that mirrors my own work environment. Hamilton writes in a detached, almost clinical way that baffles the reader and pulls you under. I guarantee you will never look at a flight attendant the same way again!

  1. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman

You’ll either love it, or you’ll loathe it. The book follows the story of Eleanor, a quirky, obsessive-compulsive young woman who holds her routines (and not much else) in high regard. It is simply about her life, and how a chance encounter affects her and those around her. Not the most momentous read of the year, but certainly one of the cleverest. I found myself guffawing out loud more than once! There are certain parts of Eleanor Oliphant’s personality that are mirrored in my own, and whilst it might concern others, I completely am completely fine with it!

  1. Everything I Never Told You-  Celeste Ng

This is the first novel by Ng, and it definitely left me wanting more of her carefully crafted metaphors,  vivid imagery and unique choice of adjectives. So much so, that I immediately ordered her second “Little Fires Everywhere” as recommended by the Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine book club!  I felt like the title could’ve been ” All the Words I’d Never Heard of”. My vocabulary grew immensely, and the author had me feeling nostalgic for my childhood. It left me wondering how I, growing up as an as an only child (the protagonist might as well have been) influenced the lives of those around me.

4. My Sister’s Bones- Nuala Ellwood

I practically inhaled this book on my days off. I like the relevance of this one (released recently) , coupled with the small-town mystery feel. A reporter journeys back to her small, seaside home-town after the death of her mother to sort out some personal/family issues.  Cue a big, dilapidated house, a creepy neighbour and self-inflicted cocktail of barbiturates and red wine. Who is lying? Who isn’t? You’ll be hooked on this seaside thriller to the end, that’s for sure!

5. The Woman in the Window- AJ Finn

Instead of my usual Book Depository haul, I actually picked this one up at Target, to see what all the hype was about. As I was tossing up between this gem and another similarly eerie read, a lady next to me (also called Anna, like the main character…weird!) recommended it. I was sold, and although it started off slow, this fiction thriller follows the sheltered life of agoraphobic child psychologist, Anna Fox. She is limited to the confines of her sprawling New York town house. It is all very Rear Window, and cult movie fans will appreciate the author’s panache for Hitchcock-esque references. Keep an eye out for cameos from your favourite film-noir masterpieces, as well! I can honestly say I didn’t see the ending coming, not one bit! Ok, maybe a little bit. But still!

6. All We Ever Wanted- Emily Giffin

I might be biased because a) I follow Emily Giffin on Instagram and b) she reposted my story about this one BUT it is still a great read. I read it over the weekend, and it was a though provoking, heart warming page turner that made me look forward to maybe having kids one day. I’m not sure why (it isn’t overly soppy), but I like the idea of helping little people grow into the adults we wish them to become. A good summer-holiday, guilty pleasure read!


Photographic Proof!!

I’d like to stress that this post comes from the depths of a night-shift induced fog, and hopefully it makes sense! The aim was to simultaneously impart some bookish- knowledge and keep myself awake! Please let me know, if I have, in fact, succeeded! Do you have any recommendations for me?

Happy reading (on planes and otherwise)

Taylor x

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