Trust the Magic of New Beginnings



I’ve drafted this most many a time over the past few weeks, but it never seemed like the right time to publish. The words weren’t good enough, they didn’t flow and everything was jumbled. Then I realised they were like that because that’s how I was feeling, and now that I have acknowledged this I can write with more clarity!

As I alluded in the previous post, after I came back from Cyprus, not only was I horrendously ill (not even an exaggeration- if I didn’t care for the general aesthetic of my blog so much, you’d all be staring at a high res photo of my manky arm right now), but there were lots of changes happening before/during/after I was away.

We moved out of the apartment and into a brand new house! Beautifully designed and crafted by my mum and step-dad, it is a huge step up from where we were, and now we have so much space to live, relax and COOK in! I adored my apartment, but apartment living is not for two people who have space-hogging addictions, such as my books and plants and makeup, and James’ ice hockey and clothes in general. It is no secret that we do not possess the same level of, if any, OCD tendencies. None of this move would have been possible without the support of my amazing family. From helping us move, to unpacking, lifting, carrying, shifting, decorating, cleaning, organising, cooking, looking after Remy when I was too sick to move, driving me to the doctors, picking up medicines and bandages and creams…thank you! A also a very special thank you to my mum who literally built these houses from the ground up, and watched them turn from a pile of bricks into much loved family homes.

To go with our new place…James got a new job! He is still a smarty-pants engineer, but in a more hands on role, and he is wonderfully happy in said new role, as far as being at work goes!

Speaking of work; I have created a new project. I relish writing my blog, and my contributions for various websites, but I wanted to gain more valuable experience writing in a more professional sense. Enter “Winging It”, a bespoke newsletter for the staff based at my airport. I sought special approval from the airport manager, and put together a brief, a presentation and a mock up. I presented the idea and was surprised and delighted that I was given the “go ahead”!

Essentially, it is a social publication to unite staff and promote a more inclusive spirit in the workplace. So far, the feedback and positive response has been overwhelming! So a big thank you to everyone who has contributed, supported and encouraged me. You know who you are!



Last but not least… I have secured a new job, too! Still in aviation, and in the same airline, but a different role entirely. Instead of being in a customer-facing role, I am the Admin/HR Coordinator for the ramp/fleet presentation teams (basically the “below the wing” staff). I am not entirely sure what this will entail, but that is half the fun! Much like when I sat with my parents in the orientation talk for my Bachelor of Arts. The lecturer said something to the affect of “I cannot stand here and tell you what you will be when you finish this course, but it will take you great places if you let it.” And she was right! My degree took me to other universities, to Dubai and around the world, back home and then onwards and upwards to where I am now!


I am excited to challenge my brain at work, and to take on more responsibility and commitments. I may not be “the face of the company” anymore, but that’s ok. I love my scarf and uniform, and I will still get to wear it when attending Promotions Team events.


This new role is not a shift work role, which means I will have the weekends and public holidays off. I will be able to work day shift hours (at a time that’s operationally suitable) and I may wear uniform or not, if I choose. I will be able to ask for holidays when I choose, and not have to bid and compete with 150+ other people for my annual leave. For the first time in 6 years, I will not be working on Christmas Day! I know I have said that I don’t mind working holidays in the past, and I don’t; But my life is moving in the direction that I’d like to spend time with my family over the holidays, and enjoy being with James like a normal person, and not have to plan my life 2 years in advance around my holidays/bidding/leave allowances.



How cute are my aircraft cookies?! 

I will still continue to write and spend time on my blog, for anyone interested. It still brings me happiness, and a sense of therapeutic peace. Like me, my blog is evolving and growing, and what started out as an Emirates Cabin Crew travel diary morphed into a work/life balance bible for ground staff, and now it will serve as a lifestyle, occasional travel and all-the-time aviation blog.

I hope you’ll still continue to read, as I start this new and exciting chapter in my life! It just goes to show that as crew, if you’re thinking of hanging up your wings, there is in fact life after flying.

Safe summer travels, wonderful winter snuggles and everything in between,

Taylor x

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