Safety Starts With You

In true Taylor fashion, this post comes to you from around 30 000ft, en route  from Sydney, back to Perth after having attended the 2018 Safety Conference.

I’m so thrilled that I was given the opportunity to attend, seeing as I’ve only been in my new role for a few weeks. Thankfully, I’m a part of a team that values me (and my choice of restaurants) and they thought it would be beneficial if I attended. It’s been a whirlwind trip (much like a layover, actually) and in 24 hours I caught up with old friends, went out for dinner with new ones, met Harry Trotter (the protégée of Kevin Bacon, star of the Grounds of Alexandria) and sampled a cocktail called the “Taylor Swift” which was both ironic and delicious 😉


Meeting Harry Trotter before dinner at The Grounds

The edible flower on top of the proverbial cocktail is that we stayed in a serviced apartment building, which was actually bigger than our old house, and had a cuddly marshmallow bed. Good thing the bed was comfy, because I needed my rest! 


The “Taylor Swift”



Delicious Honeycomb and Caramel mess!

Thursday was jam packed with networking, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, all centred around Safety. Safety not only means having a physically safe work environment free or risk, but also a psychologically safe environment, too. 

We had a refresher on the ins and outs of organisational culture, how to foster and encourage conversations around safety, and how to own attitudes and turn them into actions. I do sound like some kind of cheesy motivational speaker (I’m cringing as I write this) but I do so hope it comes across as genuine, because it is! I had a smile on my face all day! I love learning. I’m a nerd, and I’m proud of it!

After listening to lots of engaging speeches, workshops and feverish note taking (it’s how I absorb information!), I have come to appreciate that safety belongs to everyone, in many ways, shapes, and forms, and it all comes down to trust. 

The themes of the day were imagination, curiosity and trust, and it makes me proud to be a part of something bigger, a group that cares about the well being of its customers and employees alike. 

The sense you get from being around people who are passionate in the same things you are is invaluable. Listening to others speak “in aviation” like it’s a second language is both hilarious and welcoming. We heard from innovative, trail- blazing individuals in their fields, and they truly inspired me to use my strengths (and platforms) to continue to do what it is that I enjoy.

That is: write, be a proactive people person at work, and now spread positive messages about psychological and physiological safety practices in every day life, particularly in our workplaces. 

If one person doesn’t do their job properly, then it lets the team down. If someone slacks off on matters related to a flight, it could let the whole aircraft down.

Here’s something to think about. If you are thinking of becoming crew, or you do fly, or you’d like to work for an airline, consider this: safety starts with you. We all might feel like meagre human computers sometimes, who are over worked and over looked, but that’s not true. 

That’s the tiredness talking! In reality, we all need to play our part in being safe and promoting safe behaviours at home, at work and in our minds. Safety has a snowball affect, and whether you are on check in, loading the bags, air traffic control or the CEO, we all have a standard of safety to adhere to, and it’s what makes the industry so successful and dynamic *

It’s being a part of a team, and it’s a team I’m proud to be on! 

Here are some resources to link you to the take aways from today 


Wearing my seatbelt and helmet always, (and so should you)


Taylor x 

*so much so that other industries such as medicine are adopting practices, like checklists, used by aviation). 

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