19 for 2019


Happy New Year! Well, it’s not really such a “New Year” anymore, but that’s ok! I took a hiatus from work, and by extension, my laptop! This was my first break over Christmas AND New Year for the first time in about 6 years! I enjoyed some much-needed down time with family and friends, both near and far. In Perth and away, it was bliss!

IMG_0963Just like last year, I have complied a 19 for 2019 List (and I managed to complete 100% of my 18 for 2018- with clauses. More about that later), as per Gretchen Rubin’s recommendation! Last year, I found that my list to be helpful in setting minor, achievable goals that seemed more fun and less daunting than a blanket “New Year’s Resolution” because, in my experience, they don’t really work. Not for me, anyway!

Here is my list of 19 for 2019:

Join or follow an online book club

Keep on keeping fit- maybe go for a hike

Weather- appropriate fun stuff

Say “No” more often

Practice Danish at least once a week

Swim More

Catch up with faraway friends

Use “Audrey” the Kitchen Aid at least once a month


Even more self care

Take cable tie off lamp cord

Explore new walking trails with Remy

Eat tacos at Donnie Taco

Write a little more

Hang wall hanging


Done + Done! (This very unique wall hanging was made by hand by my very talented mother-in-law!)

Travel to somewhere new


Hong Kong was a first for me!

Learn a new skill

Continue to save $$$

Pursue mentoring opportunities at work

Complete more than 80% off this list!

Number 19 is because according to research, studies show we only complete on average 80% of lists that we write.

Clearly, they don’t know me! I managed to tick almost everything off my list for 2018, including sustain 5 unassisted chin ups. This was completed near midnight on New Years Eve, in a playground in the seaside town where we went on summer holidays. I was encouraged by James/ our friends and the some three or so gin + sodas I had liberated from their bottles earlier!


Celebrating the little things!

Nevertheless, I managed to do them all by myself! The only other things missing from the list were the cooking ones- I cooked so much more last year than I have in my entire life so I didn’t agonise over the macarons. Also, I am yet to do a Yoga Class but in between my swimming, F45ing, cycling and walking I feel I can leave that one in 2018 and get on with my new list!

You’ll notice that some are already ticked off- this is because this is an “ongoing” work in progress list and that is the way I designed it on purpose. I look forward to the year ahead, and sharing my list with you all. I hope this inspires you to do the same!

This blog has become my little sanctuary of ordinary moments, filtered by my own extraordinary lens of imagination and possibility!


Taylor x


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