Discovering Disneyland

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Hey, Disneyland!

Saturday morning, I was awake bright and early, and researching good breakfast cafes opening at the crack of dawn. After a little family feud (don’t ask) we were on our way to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH aka Disneyland Hong Kong!

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Mummy/Daughter time

I am a giant child (actually not that giant- children’s clothes and shoes often fit me) so I was in my element. We went on a Jungle River cruise, saw Tarzan’s Tree House, went to Fantasyland, where I met Dumbo and we rode the tea cups, like all respectable adult mothers and daughters should. We bought matching Minnie Ears, gorged on gorgeous caramel popcorn and spent the day following our hearts around the magical land.


Curiously, after 5 hours I had had enough of people belting me in the ribs with their elbows, stomping on my CLEAN white shoes and hocking and spitting next to me in public. Call it culture shock, but we knew it was time to call it quits and go back to the city after we had seen the main sights!


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This is Irna. It’s her job to  hold a bunch of Disney balloons and pretend she doesn’t exist so ‘grammers can get the perfect shot! I wanted a photo with her. We’re all people!

The boys rested and mum and I went shopping and then we all met for dinner (Din Tai Fung) again. My step brother was great and thank goodness he accompanied us- because that menu looked like a chemistry equation and my head was spinning! All in all, worth the wait, a culinary success and mum even enjoyed vegetarian glass noodles and more steamed greens than one person should ever order!


They have this really cool way of denoting which dumpling contains what to non- Cantonese speakers- they make little shapes out of dumpling wrappers (ie a chicken) to let everyone know what they are eating, as all the food comes out in stages, when it is ready. There is even a little slot under the table for your menu and order sheet, so it doesn’t clutter the table up. Genius! Hong Kong is a very crowded city, but for how busy it is, it is very well organised and relatively clean. much better than mainland China, which wasn’t my favourite.


What trip overseas is complete without a visit to a multi-story Victoria’s secret? None! After getting our PJ fix, it was off to bed and then an early wake up for a hair appointment, and then a luxurious High Tea 120 stories above the city at the Ritz Carlton.

Alas, it was not meant to be, and the staff travel Gods had other plans. Note to self: DO NOT TRAVEL NEAR CHINA DURING CHINESE NEW YEAR. We almost didn’t make it home, and after being knocked back from out afternoon flight to Perth (which we missed high tea for- I was disappointed), we booked on a Cairns flight, another Perth flight and a Sydney flight. My mum had entered panic mode, and my step dad was immeasurably calm. Still laughing, smiling and cracking jokes while we camped out for some 8+ hours in the airport (not even past customs- we didn’t have boarding passes). The man is a Saint!


Finally after some very questionable customer service skills from Cathay Pacific (I would have been fired if I treated my customers with such distain) we were finally granted with hallowed boarding passes to Sydney. I lucked out with a window and a spare seat- and I was just about to go and tell my mum when two things happened.

  1. I remembered in all my haste I forgot to take my all-important Clexane blood thinning injection that is required as a safety precaution every time I fly thanks to an old DVT flare up.
  2. A very distressed Russian lady was herded into the spare seat next to me because she had “medical issues” and needed an aisle. I am a patient person, but even I could tell that she was putting it on a bit. Now I had to take my injection in my seat because we were taking off and she was seated next to me so I had to be even more discreet and try not to look like I was taking illicit drugs. Also, I would need to ask the crew for a sharps box. More problems/ paperwork and curious looks…

After I took my shot, and all was calm I allowed myself a glass of red wine and watched my other boyfriend (Chris Hemsworth) in his new movie and stared out the window. I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise view!


We landed in Sydney, my mum’s bags were lost (oh dear) and we had another 6 hour transit until we could get home to Perth. Thank goodness for Qantas, for my high priority trips and for re-gradeable tickets!

James surprised me with Remy in the car when he collected me, and I was reminded of the simple joy of coming home. I love to travel, and every time I go away without him, I come home and say “I’m never doing that again- let’s always travel together” but it never happens. One of us always needs to travel for work or sport or wanderlust reasons. All in all, we are  lucky to have something, and someone so wonderful to come home to.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather, cooling down, or warming up, wherever on this big Earth you might be!


Taylor x

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